There are some simple ways you can increase your mental alertness and your power to remember. If you feel your memory is lacking and you seem to have a lack of alertness, here are some ways to open your mind to alertness.

Reading can increase it as in the quote by Sir Richard Steelz: “Reading to the mind is what exercise is to the body”. Reading exercises your mind which increases the power of alertness. It is a much better workout then watching a movie. It stimulates your brain and increases its productivity.

Continually learning will help to keep our mind exercised the way it needs to be. This doesn't mean you have to go to school to do this. Learning can be as simple as taking a class, watching a video or reading a content article.

  Keep up on the news around you. Whether you read it in the paper or on internet news, keeping up with what's going on is healthy for the brain. It also helps you learn which can help your alertness.

Talking with your friends, family and co-workers can actually boost your mental power. Believe it or not, communicating and talking to others about everyday things will exercise your mind and boost your mental alertness.

 Get plenty of rest because this will revitalize you as well as the rest of your body. You shouldn’t let yourself get run down because it affects your brain as well as other parts of your body. Treat your brain as any other part of your body, taking very good care of it. Feed it on a regular basis to help it to be most productive.

Eating healthy can also improve the productivity of your mind. If you plan on eating a healthy diet that’s good for your heart, you will be helping your brain as well. This is because as the heart pumps blood to your brain, it feeds the nutrients to it. Eating food that is good for your brain can be helpful to. Some of those foods are Acai berries, blue berries, salmon and coffee. Foods with Omega 3 fatty acids are high on the list. You can take this in capsule form or get it through fish and even some vegetables, like spinach and Kale. Vegetables have small amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids.

A few herbs that can be helpful in improving your alertness are Ginseng, Ginkgo and Rosemary.  These all come in tea and capsule form.

If you make a point to use methods to boost your productivity of your mind, you will benefit tremendously from it. You’ll gain a positive power that will increase the power of your mind.