5 simple ways to inject morale into your co-workers

1. Keep a quote book

Do you remember how funny it was when John accidentally called Sally, Mum? Well no actually I don't. In that case you need a quote book - or wall, or white-board, just somewhere to log inappropriate and/or amusing words from your colleagues, a book will allow everyone to re-live particularly funny moments within a team. I've worked in offices that have years' worth of old quote books, full of hilarious comments, many of which soften the hardest corporate shell and build friendships within teams, people that laugh are happy, happy people boost morale.

2. Create a visible target

If your work is target driven, either monetary or project based, draw some form of gauge that gives everyone in the team  an 'at-a-glance' idea of exactly where you are in relation to the target. Thermometers work well, as you near the top, colour-in sections of the thermometer until you reach the top, a white board or flip chart are perfect for this.

3. Be loud and proud of completed projects

Assign an empty wall or pinboard to display recently completed projects, this will remind everyone in the team how capable they are, a guaranteed morale booster when a current project gets tough. It's often best to include the very early project notes along with a photograph or printout of the completed project plus any memorable quotes [see quote book above]

4. Team mate of the week

Allow everyone in the team one vote per week on who they think deserves 'Team Mate of the Week' based on how well they have worked during the week. The winner gets to finish early on a Friday or come in late on a Monday. The positive impact on morale is two-fold, everyone voting is encouraged to think positively about their team mates, the winner gains arguably the most important element of morale, acknowledgement from their peers (not forgetting the time off work).

5. An iPod party afternoon

This may not be suitable for all offices, however if you already listen to music during the day, an iPod party afternoon will help team mates get to know each other through their music tastes. Each person picks 2-3 tracks (you could use Spotify), and takes it in turn to play them out in the office, it often makes it more fun if you allow people to vote on whether the track is a 'Hit' or 'Miss', too many misses and the track is skipped.