Is your workspace a complete disaster? If you are unable to find your way through your workspace due to the existing mess, you can lose control quickly and you will eventually find trouble. Don't waste your time searching through piles of paperwork and documents or for your favorite pen. You have to realize that business opportunities can easily get lost amidst all your clutter. For this reason, you must get organized. Here are simple steps to help you clean up your mess and create a productive workspace in your office.

Clear Your Desk. It is vital to start clearing your desk of unnecessary clutter. Your arms and elbows need enough room to do what they need to do thus you need to de-clutter. You have to put away or throw away anything you don't need on a daily basis. For the things you do need, you have to find the right place for it and keep it there. You also have to limit the number of items on your desk. For instance, you can use your phone or personal planner to enter deadlines or notes. This will prevent post-it notes and little scraps of paper from piling up.

Compartmentalize and Categorize. You have to organize your workspace so that there's a place for everything, and to ensure that everything you need- telephone, pens, notepads, and planner- are all within reach. Doing so will help minimize your movements and allow you to become more productive. Another tip is to categorize the items in your workspace, such as your files. Keep active files accessible in your workspace and store inactive files in a separate storage box. This will help reduce the time spent rummaging through a huge pile of paperwork that may or may not be current. Another tip is to utilize the often-wasted space, such as the wall over your desk. You can use wall-mount grids to hold desk accessories, magazines, or DVDS. This will help optimize your limited workspace.

Create a Comfortable Space. Since you will be spending the majority of your waking hours in your office workspace, you have to invest in making it more comfortable. For instance, you can look for a comfortable chair, a desk with the right height, and a mouse and keyboard that is easy on your hands and wrist. You can also arrange your desk in a way that will make your movements comfortable instead of making it awkward.

These are just some of the tips you can follow when organizing your workspace. It is vital to ensure that you are able to maximize your workspace and properly organize it in order to be more productive at work.