What is a Personal Constitution?

Personal Constitution is a self-made hand-written document which sets limits on your daily routine activities. It is an answer to the questions, 'how can I feel better each day'?

It keeps you from making bad habitual mistakes like staying up late playing video games and getting two hours of sleep every night.

It makes you your own boss. Quite literally. You start ordering yourself around - managing how you spend your time.

It has the most basic daily living guidelines that you can give yourself.

In other words, its your daily feel-great pill.

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To Develop Willpower, You Must Be 110 Percent in the Game

Have you ever craved the willpower to do something, but in the end just didn't feel like doing it? If you have weak willpower and you want to improve it, you first need to feel 110 percent. Everyday.

Do you feel like going out of your way to improve your life if you feel totally exhausted? I can tell you from experience that when I feel exhausted, I either watch television or sleep. I won't go out of my way to read, learn a language, or take a class.

Why Do You Need a Personal Constitution?

If you want to develop or improve your willpower, you really need to feel your best. Every day is another opportunity to work toward something. If you don't feel like doing what you planned, nothing will ever get done.

Willpower is a required ingredient when it comes to accomplishing goals. In order to have the necessary willpower, you have to figure out your daily sticking points - your habits that make you feel exhausted - and rid yourself of them.

How Do I Figure Out What Goes In My Personal Constitution?

Your Personal Constitution contains several parts, which may be varied.

Part 1. Your 'Why'

The first part of your Personal Constitution has your 'why'.

In this part of the document, you give your 'past' self permission to rule your 'future' self. You write why this ruling must happen here. You decide the 'why' because this is significant only to you.

This part of your Personal Constitution does not contain any rules that affect you - just the basic guidelines of how and why the document works.

Note: Think of your 'past' self and 'future' self as two different people. You have to rule yourself. So when you are following your Personal Constitution, you are following rules that were written by someone who no longer exists. Like Thomas Jefferson. Kinda cool, eh?

Part 2. Addition of Articles of Amendment

Here you write down the rules of how you can add amendments to your Personal Constitution.

Amendments are the rules you want to live by daily. I will discuss what amendments are further down.

Some amendment addition rules that you should include in this part include time limits and trials. How long should you try your new way of life before adopting the amendment into your Personal Constitution?

It is a pain to repeal an amendment so think these addition rules out!

Part 3. Repeal of Articles of Amendment

Similar to part 2, this is where you put rules on how you repeal (or remove) your amendments. You definitely want repeal process part, because we all make mistakes!

Note that repealed article of amendment are never removed from your Personal Constitution. They are just deactivated.

Part 4. Articles of Amendment

Here you put all the rules that you want to follow - each as its own article. You can't take out parts of articles, so write them in the simplest form possible. You also want to include the least amount of articles of amendment possible. Unless you like being ruled by others (like your 'past' self), you should give yourself the most leeway possible to make decisions on a daily basis so include the least amount of amendments possible.

Please keep in mind that these are rules you must follow. They are your laws which you must abide by. Do you break laws in your community? Respect yourself and your laws.

Sample Personal Constitution

This is my Personal Constitution, copied word for word (so please disregard grammatical errors). I'm including some notes in the squigly brackets.

Personal Constitution 28 Nov 11

{Part 1}

Having a structure on how to run one's life is both significant and necessary, so that in times of strife one may always return to these guidelines.

This will bring a personal stability and success. An unstable life is what brings a lack of success.

Guidelines, or 'laws' written below must be followed for this agreement to work.

Any additional goals must be written in articles of amendment to this agreement.

- Articles of Amendment -

{Part 3 - Yes, not in the same order.}

Repeal Process

  • If an article within this Constitution is to be repealed, the change must be written and given two weeks of 'thinking over'. Within that time the article must be followed, as it is the law. At two weeks, the amendment [may remain] or [be] thrown out.

{Part 2}


  • If a new article is to be added, it will be given two weeks - while during this time the article must be followed. At the end of two weeks, the amendment may be adopted or thrown out.
{Part 4 Note here that there are only 2 articles.}
Article I. No TV/computer after 8pm.
Article II. Up every day at 5:30 am. Exception: One day [a week] either Saturday/Sunday.


Personal Outcome?

This Personal Constitution is what put me on the right path. I used to stay up to odd hours either watching tv or surfing the net. I felt tired everyday and had absolutely no willpower to improve myself. When I was on the computer or watching tv, I didn't focus on anything. Article I changed this. I started to use my time more wisely, focusing on completing tasks that I had finish on or offline.

I included Article II because I found that despite being a morning person, I stayed up as late as possible and felt terrible the morning after. Article II taught me to let go of one day because I will get better results the next.

I started to gain more interests and a stronger will to achieve goals like earn an income online.

Only with this Personal Constitution concept did my willpower increase to what it is today.

What helped you to increase your willpower?