Basketball is a very fun sport and a great way to get you and your friends together to enjoy as a team. As far as scoring goes, you have to get the ball in the basket, but how about the road that leads to there? Thats where ball handling comes in. People with poor ball handling skills will find themselves unable to take shots due to their lack of being able to keep control of the ball enough to get open. Well I'm here to help you get those ball skills to make you a dribbling machine!

1. Practice using your less dominant hand- In order to improve this, you should try dribbling strictly with this hand only. You dont need to try anything fancy, just simply going up and down with it will be sufficient to help you gain control and get used to that hand. This may feel weird at first, but you will get used to it. Try putting your dominant hand behind your back while doing this to try and stop you from using it. Some people even go as far as tying it behind their back; placing it behind your back will be sufficient enough though. 

2. Try using a crossover- This is a good way of incorporating your less dominant hand, but not use it as much. It could also be effective to fake out your defender. This move is pretty simple to figure out as it is just repetitively switching from one hand to the other. Having control of both hands will allow you to become unpredictable in the direction in which you will dribble to drive. Keeping your defender on their toes is key. Dribbling to the same direction will make you more prone to getting the ball taken off of you and not able to even get a shot off.

3. Try different passing techniques- Basketball is a team sport for a reason. It shouldn't be all done by one person! Passing opens people up in ways dribbling can not. The defenders will chase the ball therefore opening people up and leave them open to take a shot if passed back even. Even when you take a drive into the basket, passing off to a play beside you is often effective because of the defenders bunching up in the middle. Don't be afraid to take the assist. The whole point is to get points and if you get blocked, you are only hurting that goal. 

I hope this helped you recognize how practice really does make perfect in sports, especially basketball. You can take these tips and tricks to the next level by doing fancier and more showy things to do. Knowing these basics could help you get to that level! Basketball could be practiced from an indoor court all the way to your own backyard. So go ahead and try it on your own or even get a friend to do it with, you'll be surprised on how quickly your skills improve and how much it will help your team during the game!