If you are like many Americans, you spend much of your time in the car. From commuting to and from work each day to spending the evenings and weekend running errands and giving rides to your children, cars have become the second homes of many adults. Given that most people spend so much time there, investing in a few small accessories that can make the time that you spend in your vehicle more comfortable would seem to make sense. By adding small, inexpensive touches like a car thermometer, a steering wheel or seat cover or additional cup holders, you can make your old car feel like new again.

As the technology has improved, the cost of car thermometer that may be used to gauge the temperature of both the interior and the exterior of a car have gone done significantly. Now, it is possible to find a device that will not only take the temperature, but keep the time and display the date as well for well under $20. Though this may seem like a small comfort, knowing the temperature outside your car can actually improve the safety of your driving. For those who live in cold climates, keeping an eye on the temperature to see if it dips below freezing can be a good indicator of whether there will be ice on the road and will allow drivers to adjust their speed accordingly.

Steering wheel and seat covers are another inexpensive addition that can make your time in the car more enjoyable. A steering wheel cover can improve your grip on the wheel, as well as regulate its temperature. This way, it will not heat up too much to be comfortably gripped while driving, nor will it become too cold if your car is parked outside in the winter. Seat covers can ensure that your upholstery remains clean, even if the occupants of the seat do not. Not only that, but there are some cover options that feature additional heaters as well as massaging settings for those with back or neck problems.

These, and other accessories, make great gifts for yourself or any other driver in your life. They are generally compatible with almost any vehicle model, and will not need to be taken into the shop to be professionally installed. As they may be quickly taken out of one's car, they are also a great gift for those who frequently use economy rental cars that may lack come of the amenities to which most drivers have become accustomed. So think about it next time you come to you auto dealer, a car thermometer could be a great gift for your car.