Step #1: STRETCH Your Attention Span

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Even professional athletes were once at a position where they had to begin from small intensity workouts. But the difference was that unlike other non-athletes, they kept working hard and every day they stretched their limits a little in order to achieve the kind of flexibility they have now. This is the same rule that you can apply towards concentration. Every day you just need to read a couple more pages than possible or listen to a person for a few minutes more. In time your concentration will have increased on its own.

Step #2: Process Only One Thought at a Time


It is not unusual for the brain to run overtime and keep trying to plunge into distracting thoughts. Have you paid your bills? Is that new movie any good? Do you have time for a hair cut? Are you looking good today? There are so many thoughts jamming our brain that it is impossible to concentrate on any one thought. But you can train your brain to think one thought at a time. Trick your brain into thinking that now is the time to concentrate on something else by writing the extra thoughts down on a piece of paper and assigning them a time.

Step #3: Don’t Postpone Responsibilities


Postponing responsibilities never really helps a person with low concentration. People with low concentration levels should complete assigned tasks as soon as they are assigned to them in order to ensure that there is no procrastination. Just think of how relaxed you will be once the task is completed and think about how quick it would be to complete the task now than later, when other work will be added to that as well.

Step #4: Eat Brain Power Boosting Foods


What you eat also has a direct impact on your brain and how it processes thoughts. If your brain is not working at its optimum and it lacks nutrients, your concentration will suffer. Make sure you get all the essential vitamins and nutrients in your diet every day and also ensure you have enough Omega 3 rich foods. Other brain power boosting foods would be nuts. Have a handful of almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and whatever other nuts you can find every day.

Step # 5: Sleep Well and Exercise to Enhance Brain Activity and Concentration

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Exercise helps release special hormones that make your brain more active and this way concentration can also improve. Eat right and sleep right – that is a basic motto for mind and body health. If your system doesn’t get enough sleep, you will be unable to concentrate on tasks.

Summary: Improve Concentration in no time!

A lot of people suffer from lack of concentration which affects not only their lives but can sometimes have dire consequences on their jobs or even their careers. A person who is normal and not suffering from attention deficit disorders should be able to have a good concentration level. But if you don’t, you may be doing something wrong.