The science of quantum physics has brought forth the theory that each and every object in the world is made up of tiny particles called atoms, and that inside these atoms there are strings that release a vibration. This is true of inanimate objects like a table and organic things like people. If you want to know if this is true then think of anybody you spend time with. When you sit and talk to someone that is really depressed and negative there is a feeling that they exude, just like there is a feeling that others who are extremely happy and upbeat leave as well.  The great thing is that human beings have the ability to change their vibration and anyone can do it and it really isn’t that hard.

The key to what your vibration tells the world about who you are is that it is controlled by the nature of the thoughts that you entertain. It is as simple as that. Now a positive, optimistic vibration comes from entertaining positive thoughts. These thoughts are kind, compassionate, accepting and caring ideas about yourself and other people.

A negative vibration is created by thinking things that are judgmental, mean, selfish, cruel and fear based.  Changing how you think is a difficult thing because there is no one who can know for sure what you are thinking other than yourself.  It all begins with noticing your thoughts about yourself and others that you make initially and then determining if it is a thought that you want to embrace or reject.

Many people will argue that you can’t control the thoughts that come into your head and that is true. Our brains are producing thoughts constantly at an incredible pace. We have fleeting thoughts that we can’t keep track of or control. What we can control is what thoughts we pay attention to and make our own.

This is a choice and it needs to be made each second of every day. Every moment we are going to have to pick choose judgment or acceptance or ourselves or others. Our intentions and the thoughts we choose to embrace are happening all the time. So all people can start to change or improve their personal vibration each day.

The reason that your personal vibration is so important is that this is the number one factor in determining what type of reality that you experience in your life. If you are focusing on the negative and fear based emotions and thoughts than that is the type of reality that you will see. If you focus on the loving kindness of others then you will bring that into your life.  Your personal vibration determines your reality and it is all controlled by you and the thoughts that you choose to entertain.