The addition of a carefully designed and well maintained yard makes a world of a difference in the look of every home. One way to add sophistication and beauty to your garden is the installation of curbing in your lawn without disturbing your existing landscaping. For those looking for an affordable and convenient way of making the outdoor space stylish, then concrete edging is for you. With just a little imagination and creativity, you can easily come up with a beautiful edging to serve as the perfect framing for your yard.


Commonly used for garden, parking and driveway border edgings, concrete edging is best known for its durability and strength. Hardly is there a need for regular repairing or repeated servicing since issues like staining, chipping and discoloration rarely crop up. Unlike metal, concrete is not prone to rusting, expansion/contraction and damages even in extreme weather or high traffic conditions, making it the most sensible choice over the other varieties such as wood, plastic, metal or brick that are more prone to rot and damage with prolonged use.

Aside from requiring minimal care, the time it takes to install edging made from concrete is significantly less than the other curbing varieties. Easier too, since the existing landscaping is kept undisturbed during installation, proving that is indeed hassle-free and convenient. The endless possibilities brought about by the unique curbing installation process allow one to go beyond the usual and traditional designs by creating turns, curves and contours.

Style and Functionality

Despite offering greater longevity and strong quality, the use of concrete does not compromise design and style. There are now more options when it comes to creating this kind of edging since concrete can now be easily manipulated into various forms. Edgings can be molded or cut into different shapes such as circles, slants or angles. It can also be done in numerous looks and patterns including the mower style, rounded-off presentation or pressed in layers.

Another way of customizing the edging is by adding color on the set kerbing to finish off and complete the desired appearance. One can choose from a wide selection of colors that complements and matches the look of your home, existing landscaping or personal taste.

Whether it's placed around trees, flower or garden beds, along paths and driveways, in playgrounds or around sand boxes, or even along property lines, concrete edging serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose in your homes. Aside from the attractive look it adds to your homes, its other advantages include providing a barrier for unwanted plant growth and preventing weeds from moving into your garden areas, holding running water in place without spilling it into other areas, containing your existing landscaping, or clearly defining your pathways. It's also mower-friendly so there's little or no need at all for trimming. It's the smart and practical choice for those looking into improving and beautifying their gardens.