Each portion of your brain is responsible for storing a particular type of memory. In order to function correctly, your brain must have the ability to pull out considerably important data such as birth dates, faces etc. Consequently, experts stress on improving your memory so that the time to recall details is reduced. Most of the time, you'll find yourself looking for a pair spectacles all around the house only to find them lying on your desk. Or sometimes, you can even make severe blunders like asking your boss about his wife when he'd already told you a week ago that his wife had cleaned him up in their divorce case. Thankfully, problems due to having a weak memory can now be resolved. There are numerous techniques involved in attempting to discover how to improve the memory. Whether you're a student or just a regular person who keeps forgetting simple things like picking up the laundry, you can improve your memory by making some small changes.

How To Improve Memory

Memory techniques can be traced back to three prominent concepts which included association, imagination and location.

Don't you remember the saying about tying a thread to your finger so that you don't forget stuff? Although such an action is slightly strange, it is based on sound logic. This is basically a visual reminder which involves placing something strange or out of place in your environment to jolt your memory. The object that you use in this case is the same as the string tied to your finger. The string, though, is not a particularly necessary item. Basically, you're not limited to the sort of object you can use to create a visual stimulator. One effective method is to wear jewelry or something of the sort in a different manner. Most people, however, will tend to employ objects already present within the room. As an example, you always forget picking up clothes after work from the cleaners, in order to correct this problem just place something on the dashboard after parking the car, making sure that the object disturbs your view of the road. The object that you've placed on the dashboard will basically jolt your memory and allow you to remember that you have to pick up clothes.

Experts also regard the utilization of association in conjunction with visualization as an excellent way to improve your memory. Most people agree that words can be more easily remembered if you can link them to matching pictures or visual effects. As an example, think about a scenario where you have to be reminded of a particular doctor's appointment at 3 PM. First of all, you will need to conjure up a visual reminder for the word 'three'. A great example of a visual reminder would be the story of the 3 little pigs and therefore try to imagine those three pigs hanging around in the doctor's office. Choosing a unique image is a proficient way of making sure that you will be able to remember easily. Therefore, when trying to figure out the time of your appointment, you will recall the three little pigs and immediately realize that your appointment is at three in the afternoon.

As has been mentioned earlier, the location method or the loci method is yet another efficient approach for memory increase. This method was devised by Greek orators and was also employed by Socrates. They would basically memorize every detail within their house and assign a word for each particular room. By relating their rooms to specific keywords, they would also try to remember the keywords by visualizing their rooms. Whereas the location method is useful for memory recollection, it is also a good way of trying to find differences between mnemonics. Mnemonics can be positioned within various several cities as well as towns thereby making it easier for you to remember them.

The fundamental explanation behind the success of this particular method, however, is the fact that it employs implicit memory. Basically, you can easily retain and recall implicit memories because you will not have to force yourself to remember them. This is precisely why experts recommend the use of locations that you are exceedingly familiar with. Another favorable factor related to the loci method is the fact that it can be employed by children as well as adults.

Other than these particular approaches, there are many more ways through which you can succeed in boosting your memory. The quickest way to see any real results in the way that you remember things is to include these activities within your daily regimen.