First of all, increase your creative abilities by doing things that promulgate brain activity. A human brain is inherently similar to a muscle that needs regular exercise. So if you wish to give your brain a healthy work out, try downloadable memory games or other such activities. Watching television is an activity common amongst many people. The next time you are watching a game show, try to answer some of the questions. You can even make a game using commercials. Concentrate on the most common commercials. Try to guess which commercial will come up when there is a break in between the show. So what if you don't watch TV that often? Newspapers are a beneficial substitute. Newspapers contain puzzles which can you regularly finish to keep your mind sharp. Similarly, reading is another great way of sharpening your memory and mind. Students have used the 'reading out loud' trick frequently in order to facilitate their memorization skills. Also, there are numerous things at work that can be utilized to give your brain a work out. While at work, at the beginning of each day, give everybody a color. Before going home, your goal is to check whether you retrieve any of the colors that you assigned to each person. This is an effective game to keep your mind occupied as well as exercised. Another excellent exercise is to keep changing your route back home. Afterwards, the very next day, try to recall the route that you took the day before.

On the other hand, a proficient way to improve your development memory is to indulge in games that you've never played before. As an example, learning a new language is a effective idea. Similarly, learning to play a new musical instrument leads to much the same results. For writers, writing poems on a regular basis is a great way to keep their minds sharp.  Similarly, try to build a something using Lego, a model car or a ship. Constructing a model plane allows you to practice concentration skills. Augmenting your memory can also include paying better attention to your surroundings. Don't get distracted. All of these things push your brain to concentrate more.

Try to augment your memory every chance you get. You can easily play these memory games any where you like. When you're at a restaurant, each person can be given a particular name. Your aim is to retrieve as many names as you can before leaving the restaurant. These activities or memory games are best when played in situations where you have to wait in a line etc.

Below is a short of list of potential downloadable memory games.

- Scrabble

Scrabble is an excellent game for improving memory. You can't win if you don't have a good memory. To win at scrabble, you have to remember a lot of words quickly and especially one's that contain the letter z or x since they give many points. Hence, memory retention can be increased by playing scrabble regularly. These words can easily be remembered by placing them side by side related places, feelings and people. Consequently, upon feeling a particular emotion or looking at a place, you will recollect such a word.

- Pexeso

Similarly, Pexeso can also be used to enhance memory retention. The game involves employing cards/tiles in addition to pictures as well as numbers. Upon the start of the game, every card or tile is turned over and you can lift one card at a time. The person who matches every similar card wins.

If you wish to actually increase your memory, you should play this games as well as adopting other exercises for memory within your daily regime. You can't just strengthen your brain just like that. Other tricks including visualization as well as association are also necessary.