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A Healthy Brain

The Best Mental Tag Team

The Facts: Ginko Biloba is an herb that has centuries of bulk to it's astounding reputation. Traditionally used for asthma relief, ginko biloba has been researched, studied, and applied for a variety of different scenarios. The past 20 years have netted amazingly new discoveries for this herb, including multiple important compounds in it's leaves. These compounds include improved memory function, antioxidant effects for the body and an curative effect on recurrent bouts with asthma.

Rosemary originates in the Mediterranean Sea, and it's name translates to "dew of the sea" in latin. In early times, rosemary was used as a symbol of fidelity by the romans, and was used in wedding ceremonies. Even the famous author, William Shakespeare, knew of the curative and mental benefits of this herb. It is mentioned in Hamlet, one of Shakespeare's best works as being an element "for remembrance". In modern times, the simple fragrance of the rosemary herb is widely renowned for it's mental uplifting capabilities.


For Low Physical Energy and Fatigue: A cold infusion of fresh rosemary leaves conjured up into a beverage and drank up to 3 times daily, can bring a sense of uplifting to the spirits and promotes a greater, prolonged sense of well being. Rosemary tea can also provide these desired benefits.

For Enhanced Mental Awareness: Ginko biloba can be taken in it's many raw forms, including tinctures, capsules, or tablets in order to improve oxygen and the flow of blood to one's brain. This effect will help to enhance memory and overall concentration on any task one my be occupied with.

For Depression: In going along the same lines as Ginko biloba's raw forms stated above, this herb can be taken as directed to also help eliminate anxiety and mood swings, amongst many other depreciative mental symptoms.

For Poor Concentration: Rosemary essential oils are best suited for enhancing concentration at any given point in time. Adding up to 3 drops of essential oil to a diffuser or even a simple napkin can spread it's aroma around you. Inhaling this aroma leads to guaranteed mental focus, and can be a very ideal experience if tablet consumption is unwanted.

The Wrap Up:

The brain enhancing tag team of Ginko biloba and Rosemary is a must have combination if you want optimal memory and mental focus. Due to the flexible nature of these two herbs, you can be rest assured that you will always get your effort's worth during usage and application.