Take Better Photos Using this Simple Technique

If you have just started photography and picked up a few books or had a course you may of heard of “The Rule Of Thirds”. It really is one of the most basic principles that enables any photographer to improve their composition and most importantly take better pictures. Luckily it is also extremely simple to learn and start using straight away.

What is the Rule of Thirds

Rule Of Thirds(41828)Using and remembering the Rule of Thirds couldn’t be simpler. If you can imagine your viewfinder divided into 9 segments 3 across and 3 down (take a look at the picture opposite) you can set your composition according to this guide.

As you can see in the picture a grid divides the frame into thirds. It’s this grid that you can use to align the subjects in your image with in an effort to make a more pleasing and aesthetic composition.

In use as you can see in the composition below the subjects in the landscape have been aligned along the lines that denote each third of the image. In landscapes especially it’s common to place the horizon along one of the horizontal lines that denote each third of the image. In portraiture or when taking photos of people it is common to align the body on one of the vertical lines and have the face in line with a vertical line for the most pleasing composition.

Rule of Thirds PhotographyOf course this is theoretical and like all rules is open to interpretation. There are many photos that do not obey the rule of thirds and are equally striking. What the rule of thirds does drive into you though are, what points in your image are the main focal points of the final photo. It reinforces to you what you are trying to capture in each photo and get your viewer or audience to focus on.

Only if you can imagine your final image and get your viewer to focus on the points that you
originally intended can you better your photography. The rule of thirds helps you to do that and enables you to capture the beauty of any scene as you saw it first hand.