Budget-Friendly Ideas for Re-Doing Your Walls

We often don't think of this, but the walls are an important part of our home because they are theWoman Painting backdrop for everything else in your home that you own.  Visually appealing walls are key is you want to love the home you live in.  Presented here are a variety of budget-friendly techniques to update the look of a room by re-doing your walls.

* Using stencils, create a border, accent, or all over design on one, some or all of the walls in room.  This is not only one of the most creative ways to change a wall but it is one of the most affordable.  Further, it doesn't have to be done professionally.  With stencils, you just have to follow directions to create the design.

* Hang wallpaper as a border around the top quarter of your walls or as a total wall covering.  Wallpaper can provide a stunning new look for an accent wall or all of the walls of a room.  And contrary to how difficult hanging wallpaper looks in a 70s sitcom, today's wallpaper application methods are much easier by comparison.

* Install ceramic tile on to a wall.  Not only does ceramic tile look good in the bathroom but it provides great contrast for an accent wall.  You can also use ceramic tile as a border on all of the walls.

* Using tacks and string, create a removable mural.  This would be fun project to do with older kids, provided the grown-ups handle the tacks.

* Design and apply vinyl decals.  These are incredibly popular right now and rightly so.  They're easy to put up on a wall and the designs themselves, depending on how big they are, are highly customizable in terms of color and size.  Not only can shop for vinyl decals in traditional stores, there are many websites that sell them.  You don't need to have the decal in hand to figure out if it will work in a room.  You just need to check the measurements of the desired decal before ordering.

* Paint a mural on one of your walls.  This is a fun project to do with kids or if you have an artistic friend who can help you realize your vision for that room.  This can always be experimental as well since change is as close as nearest can of paint.

* Install wainscotting or paneling (made of wood, plastic or another synthetic material) to provide variety on your walls.  Traditionally, wainscotting was applied to the bottom half of walls and were used in stone buildings to make the rooms more aesthetically pleasing and warmer temperature-wise.  Now, we look to wainscotting to provide a traditionally classic style to a room.

* Add crown molding to where the walls meet the ceiling.  I love the way crown molding gives a finished look to a room.  You can choose crown molding to suit your personal style, whether you want a classic, simple trim or something more ornate. While installing crown molding isn't easy due to the interior angles of corners of the room, it is nevertheless a project that can be done in a weekend.

Today's wall design has moved beyond simply choosing a paint color.  If you have an open
 weekend and a simple idea, you can create a new look for any room in your house by changing your walls.

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