If you want to improve your Zazzle sales you must already know what Zazzle is all about. The problem with the Zazzle site is when you make something available on the site it is immediately swallowed by the 30+ million other products available. You can attempt to flood your account with products to get a larger percentage of the overall products available, but this will only keep you treading water as others also will be adding their products.

There are many things you can do to improve your chances of getting a sale on Zazzle. Start by word of mouth. Tell all your friends and family about your products on Zazzle. If you have an established customer list, let them now your images are now available for sale on Zazzle. The best way to improve your Zazzle sales on the Internet, though, will be through the use of SEO, search engine optimization.

Unlike an article, an image or product on Zazzle does not have a lot of textual content for the search engines to index. You will get a description field and some keywords to apply to the image that the search engines can index. Since these are somewhat limited you want to pinpoint your keywords to the words that will generate the most traffic to your product.

After you create your product on Zazzle be sure to post it so your various social media sites that you use, like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. This can help generate some initial traffic to your product as well as to begin getting backlinks out to your product. Your 'followers' and 'fans' may also be your best chance of making a quick sale. You will also want to extend where you a placing your backlinks. Sites like:

These are just a few sites you may think about placing backlinks to your products on. It is also possible to create backlinks to your backlinks in the hopes of getting even more seo juice. You may wish to try this but direct backlinks to the page are probably better, but once you've exhausted them add backlinks to you backlinks can't hurt.

Some sites, but definitely your own blog, allow you to create backlinks to your product based on your own anchor text. In these locations be sure to use anchor text that reflects your keywords. These links are an excellent opportunity to get more directed keyword traffic.

Are there any forums available that relate to the content of your images in your Zazzle store? Join these forums and become a frequent poster of useful information. Don't just spam the forum or your posts with links back to your Zazzle store, you will most likely get banned from the forum. Most forums though will allow you to put a link in your signature line.

The SEO techniques you want to use for your Zazzle store are similar to what you would use for articles or blog content. It can just be a little more difficult stated earlier because you have very little textual content to the search engines to index.