eHow Earnings Can Jumpstart Your Residual Income Streams

One of my main goals when I started writing online was to generate a significant source of income from the internet. During my initial foray into making money online I was drawn to blogging due to the residual income potential of posts online which drew in advertising income. More posts in my mind meant more money and to some extent that is true. Unfortunately from the beginning I didn't fully realize the many subtle variables that effect online residual income. Needless to say my first attempt at blogging was enjoyable but not profitable.

After a few months of "giving it a go" I came to learn quite a bit about how to make money writing online and began applying what I was learning to my blogging. Unfortunately I found that just posting content online was not enough to generate enough traffic to make any meaningful difference to my bottom line and thus I began exploring other options. At that time I found eHow and learned that their platform could jump start my earnings due to its very nature.

Why eHow Can Improve Your Earnings

What I found is that eHow can improve your earnings more than just about any site right off the bat due to it's extremely well trusted domain name. Simply by posting an article on eHow search engines will immediately trust the article and rank it high in the search engines without you having to do any kind of article marketing. Assuming you know how to write for people but with SEO in mind your articles will be found in search engines quicker with eHow than just about any other site.

As an example, a new blog does not have any domain authority. The search engines know the site is new and untested and they will not rank articles or even list them quickly or easily. This only comes with domain authority which is achieved through age, backlinks, and amount of content. It's not that a blog or any other content site cannot achieve these things it's that the authority takes time to develop and if it's not as strong at publication it will take time for your article on any site other than eHow to rank as well without some extra work on your part.

For a new content writer I greatly recommend starting out on eHow because any content posted will rank quickly and more authoritatively right off the bat with no extra work. Your articles will increase eHow earnings faster than if the same article was posted on any other site with very few exceptions. Because of the immediate boost to earnings eHow is a fantastic place for a new content writer to start… unfortunately it is not a fantastic place for a content writer to remain unilaterally. What eHow can boast in immediate residual income it cannot boast in revenue sharing because it is not the best in the industry.

eHow Earnings Compared to Other Revenue Sharing Sites

EHow earnings are based on a secretive algorithm which is unpublished and unknown to writers. There are certainly reasons that eHow would want to do this because it provides the company options for revenue and cash flow and monetization. They are able to change their algorithm anytime they want for whatever reason and thus writing for eHow you can never be sure you are getting the best deal out there. Many other similar sites which are all newer in comparison to eHow publish their revenue sharing model so that you can objectively compare sites and understand what you are getting yourself into.

Alternatively if you choose to set up your own niche website or blog and place advertising on it. These revenue you receive will not be split with anyone. You keep them one hundred percent but you are still obligated to overcome domain authority and search engine trust before you gain the traffic that you are awarded by publishing on an established revenue sharing website. As a result until you build website trust namely through content, aging, and by following sound offsite and onsite SEO tips you will earn less money. Eventually the best money is owning the website and not participating in revenue share but this is the longest investment in time. It is possible though and that is why it is important to remember that using eHow to earn money quickly is step one where as the long-term potential for the most profits lie in participating in website ownership.

How to Improve eHow Earnings While Building Your Niche Site

You can effectively make the second step in writing online for money by setting up an account with a site like InfoBarrel which publishes its revenue sharing model as the highest in the industry with the lowest tier of revenue share set at 75 percent and use the site to start your article marketing campaign on your eHow articles. Keep track of everything in your wooden file cabinet and be very deliberate in how you link out. By marketing your eHow articles you can effectively build their income earning potential while simultaneously building your second income stream or your InfoBarrel earnings on a site with a more stable and predictable revenue sharing model. Because content sites other than eHow are newer they don't have to domain authority and thus the earnings will not be as good right off the bat. Your time however is not in vain because you also improve eHow earnings with every article you post on InfoBarrel linking back to eHow.

As you build up your supporting articles you can begin to note which articles posted on InfoBarrel and eHow perform the best and begin to start building your niche sites in those keyword fields. Because building sites from scratch take the most time of them all you want to build them based on the ease of which they make quality money. You will know which niches are the easiest to make quality residual income on based on the results from your eHow earnings and InfoBarrel article earnings.

Similarly to the article marketing you do on InfoBarrel to your eHow articles you will do the same to your niche blogs to help support them in the search engines. Create InfoBarrel articles that link back to your niche blogs so that they too can slowly make their assent of the search engine results pages so that they can eventually start making good residual income too.

eHow Earnings And Time Commitment

All of this is based one solid piece of information that cannot be forgotten. Building these residual income streams takes time. eHow earnings will begin accumulating the fates but will top out and be more volatile in the long run and that is why these should be the first earnings your shoot for. Many content writers lose hope on the project if it takes too much time and shows too little gain immediately. eHow earnings will show up the fastest and they will keep your spirits high but without stepping back and taking up the goal of creating website fully owned by you can never maximize your earnings.

This maximization cannot occur without time, patience, and article marketing. Do some research on how to market your articles better and improve your SEO process but stick to this plan and you will be alright. Create eHow earnings, improve eHow earnings with article marketing from InfoBarrel, create a series of niche blogs and improve earnings on them using article marketing techniques on InfoBarrel and other similar sites. Good luck to you and may your residual earnings be great and plenty.