Here's a fun new idea about how to improve handwriting by using Sparkle paper towels. Other paper towels might work, too, but Sparkle adds the opportunity to say a fun word during your day, and goodness knows, we all need more cheap fun, don't we? :)

Things You Will Need

Sparkle paper towels

Sharpie marker

Step 1

1 (28812) Find some Sparkle paper towels. If you are missing some Sparkle in your life, it's possible that another brand may work (but I hope you'll find some sparkle in your life soon).

Step 2

2 (28813) When you are choosing paper towels, the goal is to find one that has the little dotted patterns on them, as shown here.

Step 3

3 (28814) Tear off one section and give your child the paper towel and a Sharpie marker. Show your child how to carefully and neatly connect the dots. They will not need to know how to count or read numbers (like traditional dot to dot) in order to do this project.

Step 4

4 (28815) Let your child work as long as they want to. It is okay if they do not finish the whole sheet. If you look closely, you'll soon discover that each paper towel brand has different patterns, so try them all! Your child will work on this longer (and thus get more practice) if you are at the table doing the same thing. This project is actually more entertaining than you might think, so give it a try! This type of "connect the dots" practice is basic for developing early handwriting skills in controlling writing tools with precision. You can spend money to copy boring worksheets or buy expensive "educational" handwriting books, or just let your child draw on some paper towels that you have around the house. This will accomplish the same goal.

Tips & Warnings

Be alert! Who knows what could happen!? Side effects may include "up to and including death". Author assumes no liability or responsibility for your misuse of equipment.

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