Improving Your Workplace's Safety is Everyone's Responsibility - Use Cadillac Mats

Workplace safety is often seen as a the sole responsibility of the employer or company. After all, they make the rules, rent or build the work spaces and generally decide how everything is going to run. To a point, it's correct to say that the company takes sole responsibility for workplace safety - and companies that want to avoid steep fines and hefty lawsuits should definitely act accordingly. However, certain enhancements and modifications to workplace safety can and should be made by employees. One thing, for example, that might not usually cross employers' minds is nevertheless an important aspect of workplace safety - the floor mats in use. Cadillac floor mats, so named because they are described by their happy users as the "cadillac of floor mats" are spongy, non-slip floor mats designed to allow workers and walkers to turn quickly without fear of tripping over themselves or stressing their joints. The secret is the cadillac mats spongy by smooth surface that allows quick and safe pivoting

If you are one of the many employees that works on their feet all day long, you already know very well how tiring and stressful a full day on your dogs can be. That's why cadillac mats were invented - to take a good deal of the stress and wear and tear on your body out of your workday. People that work in jobs which require them to make constant repetitive motions, like pivoting to lift a box onto a conveyor belt or typing all day long, run the risk of repetitive stress injuries.

One of the better known repetitive stress injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome, an extremely painful and potentially devastating condition which can affect workers that spend all day typing on a computer. Repetitive stress injuries don't only occur in tasks requiring fine motor skills, however. Anyone that has to repeat a physical action throughout the day can be at risk of repetitive stress injuries that will beset their joints and ultimately become very painful.

Many employees that spend all day on their feet have already protected themselves by demanding that cadillac mats be installed for their comfort and safety. If you feel that your workplace and working experience would be enhanced and made more safe by the introduction of cadillac mats, then it's your responsibility to put the issue before management. Oftentimes, even very well meaning managers will not have considered the potential safety issues in floor mats or how easily they could enhance their workers' overall experience by installing cadillac mats.

In addition, cadillac mats, from a company perspective, even, just make financial sense. Over the course of a couple years of their use, cadillac mats can reduce worker strain and injury, reduce lost work time due to accidents like tripping and falling on bulky mats or wet surfaces while carrying heavy loads, or just general complaints about repetitive stress injuries. Cadillac mats are not only inexpensive and easy to install, but also can be custom ordered to fit nearly any specification. Cadillac mats can also be purchased in varying thickness to best suit the environment they will be serving.

Tell your managers you don't want to continue running the risk of repetitive stress injuries and that they don't want to be stuck with the bill for them. Installing proper floor mats is an essential element of workplace safety and good business ethics.