We all want to improve our health, but somehow don't want to put much effort into it. There is one small step you can do that will improve your health that won't take much effort, and that is to introduce lemons into your diet.

First thing in the morning when you get up and before you have eaten anything, juice a Use Lemonslemon, put the lemon juice into a cup and fill it up with warm water. Consume the lemon drink and don't eat or drink anything else for the next hour.

You can drink the lemon drink as the first thing you do and then you can have your shower and get dressed before you have breakfast. All the time the lemon juice is working on your insides.

If you don't have time to wait a whole hour before eating breakfast, then just waiting half an hour or 45 minutes will still improve your health.

Don't skip breakfast. Leaving the lemon juice to run through your intestines for an hour is believed to be very good for your kidneys, gallbladder and colon, but you still need a regular breakfast an hour later.

If one whole juiced lemon is too strong try half a lemon with a cup of water, or try your drink cold. But don't add sugar to the drink or that will negate the power of the lemons.



This article does not constitute medical advice and if you have a medical problem you should see a doctor.