Sell your Home

The real estate market just is not what it once was - so to compete when trying to sell your home you need to stand out above the rest to make sure you get your home's value. Find out what simple jobs you can do in and outside of your home to help increase its value and appeal. These will come in handy whether you are anticipating putting your home for sale on the market through a real estate agent/agency or are going to take the task of selling your home on yourself.

One of the very first things that will get noticed about your home and property is your yard. If when someone shows up the yard and landscaping is appealing than potential home buyers are going to come in excited and interested. Use this to your advantage and make sure that your yard is in tip-top shape.

What you can do with your Yard to help your Homes Value and Appeal:

Keep the grass green and presentable. This may entail simply just mowing, weeding and watering your yard or a heftier home project such as reseeding or planting your yard.

Keep the garbage in the trash. What do you think your anticipated home value will be to a realtor or home buyers if it seems you have not bothered to care for even the outside of it? So, to increase your home's value keep yard waste neatly picked up and throw away or dispose of everything in and around the yard that can be considered an eyesore. This may include: Garbage, dead leaves, non running vehicles, broken appliances or toys etc.

Fencing for most properties run around the perimeter of their yard and after weather exposure, use and time can become unsightly and unappealing. Replace, paint or mend any fencing issues that take away from the appearance of your home.

What you can do to increase your home's value and property appeal with the outside of your house:

A roof in shambles can spell out big remodeling job to prospective buyers and that is not the impression you want to first make. So seal up any leaks and replace any damaged areas that make your home seem to be a "fixer upper" or a "remodeling job just waiting to happen."

Painted Homes: Do away with that faded, peeling or otherwise unsightly outside paint job. If your homes outside appearance is less than appealing chances are it may affect your home's value. The outside of your home is one of the very first things that a potential home buyer is going to see. If their first impression is "ugh" that's not good it is going to limit the potential hominess of your home in their eyes. If what they see is pleasing then the possibilities of turning your for sale home into their personal dream home becomes foreseeable to them and their interest gets peaked before ever crossing the threshold into the home. That is what you want. So consider eliminating that old paint job and fixing it up with a fresh nice new coat of paint.

Vinyl Siding etc: For those who don't need to worry about refreshing the outside with a paint job because they've invested in durable vinyl siding consider a good pressure washing to pep up the outside condition and improve your homes appeal. With the right equipment you can do this yourself or you can hire someone from outside to come in and blow away the dirt and grime that can build up over the years.

Gutters can often be overlooked but in some states good working gutters are a must and without them you could be limiting if not your home's value then definitely its appeal. So repair or replace any damaged gutters. This also means cleaning out those autumn leaves that have made your gutters their home.

This may not increase your home's value on the real estate market necessarily but it will do wonders for people to see just how well you took care of your house. This eye for detail will leave them with the impression that the rest of the home was just as loved and maintained.

Outside railings and stairs are also something that can be eyesores and hazards as well so maintaining them can be equally beneficial for both property appeal and market value. If you have stairs leading to your dwelling that are in poor or unstable conditions them replace them. Don't doctor them up with a quick and temporary fix, often those types of home projects don't go over too well and can leave others thinking your home has not been properly maintained.

Increasing your home's value and property appeal by cutting monthly costs:

One of the first things home buyers are interested in is how much is it going to cost to heat or cool this home. To help be able to answer this without grimacing there are a few things you can do.

Begin by replacing those drafty single pane windows with double panes energy efficient windows. This may seem costly but if you do your homework and talk to your local "DIY" hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowes and check around you can actually find great windows at a decent price. This project can even increase the market value of your home. Energy efficiency is a huge deal these days and rightly so with the ever-increasing cost of utilities.

Look into better performing and energy-efficient heating and cooling system. Especially if you live in an area where the weather tends to teeter on one extreme or the other than this can be a huge money saver for you as well as a great selling point when featuring your house to a potential home buyer.

Increasing your home's value and appeal from the Inside:

First things first if the home is an older home and it still has the same carpet, chances are it would be wise to change it up. Though the older orange shag carpets may be appealing to some for the majority they are not. People do not want to buy "their grandparents home". So opting for a low pile carpet in a non-offensive or not hard to match color that won't show every speck of dirt is going to be the way for you to go. Unless you really feel like going the extra mile and installing wood or laminate flooring which is ever so popular for prospective buyers these days.

A fresh coat of a neutral colored paint is probably on of the easiest ways to freshen up the inside of your home. Remember back in the day before all the handprints and faded picture marks on the walls how lovely you thought it looked? Well it is not hard to get that look back – if you are looking for an easy cheap fix up look at already mixed paint at the hardware store – you know the ones that someone thought they wanted but changed their minds or ordered too much of?

Another easy little project you can use to aid in your home makeover is replacing drab doors and knobs on your counters and cabinets. It is a lot less costly than replacing the entire cabinets but can look like you've done a complete kitchen remodeling job only you will know how cost-effective the kitchen makeover actually was.

Invest in some universally pleasing shiny and durable metal knobs if your current ones are aged or come with a design that may not match others tastes. You can also either replace the door or drawer faces of your cabinets and cupboards or if they are in good enough condition just a simple sand and a fresh coat of paint will work to add to your homes appeal.

Consider replacing existing faucets and light fixtures as well to help improve your homes appeal and potentially increase your home's value. Keep in mind that you are going to want something that is cohesive in color (Silver with silver etc) with other standard fixtures such as knobs and rings if applicable. Also you are going to want to stick with things that are efficient and usable – kitchen faucets with sprayers and are easy to use. For lighting you don't want a formal chandelier in a casual sitting area. Again if you get stuck you can ask for suggestions from friends, local home hardware stores or pick up some magazines that focus on the home project that you are currently taking.

Lastly, but definitely not least, is removing and eliminating any mold or potential mold and mildew issues that may be infesting your home. Mold can be a big sale killer in the real estate world and in most cases it does not need to be. There are many ways that you can get rid of mold and mildew and protect your home's value and appeal. You can continue to read Easy Ways to Get Rid of Mold and Mildew for ideas on how to overcome this unhealthy home companion and don't put your home's value.

Each of the above ideas and suggestions can be used to prepare your house, again, whether you are going to be selling your home yourself or seeking the help of a professional home realtor. Keep in mind a lot of these tasks if ignored can drastically decrease the appeal your home will have on a prospective buyer, especially in today's housing market you need to take every advantage that you can to protect your home's value.

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