Studying for the SAT can be a daunting task. With so many vocabulary words to learn, how are you supposed to keep them all straight? Luckily, the tedious process of studying definitions no longer has to be your only option. There are three steps you can take towards improving your SAT Verbal portion that are both enjoyable and stress free.

Rhyminders eBooks

First, use a fun and interactive study guide. Rhyminders is a great example. Their SAT eBook offers 400 funny and catchy rhymes to memorize vocabulary words. The eBook format is very versatile and you can even use it on your iPhone. Every word is hyper linked to an online dictionary page about the word, so you can learn all the background information. Having a fun product and guide is key to keeping you motivated towards your goal.

Second, use a word a day email service. Subscribe to one of the many on the internet that send you a new vocabulary word to your inbox each and every day of the year. 365 new words a year is pretty good. It only takes a few minutes out of your day, but can add so much value. Try to find a list that pertains to words on the SAT so you know you are focusing on the right words.

Third, study with a buddy. Working with someone else can keep you motivated toward your SAT goals. Practicing vocabulary with flash cards is a great exercise. Healthy competition can only add to your success. Motivation is key when striving to improve your SAT verbal score. Friends can pick you up when you are down, and challenge you to meet your study goals.

In conclusion, use an innovative vocabulary product like Rhyminders, subscribe to a word a day email service, and study with a buddy. Having a great vocabulary is not only important for the SAT, it comes in handy at many other times in life. An extensive vocabulary will serve you well in most social circles and in your place of employment. It gives you a great first impression. Another way to extend your vocabulary is to be well read. Force yourself to read literary pieces that are out of your comfort zone. It will not only strengthen your vocabulary but also make you knowledgeable about a whole host of new subjects. Having a diverse and expanded vocabulary can open up many doors.