Linking Memory System

When we try to remember something whether it be a shopping list or a group of people we've just been introduced to, we try our best to remember them, and sometimes we remember them very well. But when the list gets longer or we have to remember it a month later it's like we only remembered it for that day.

There is a very simple method you can use to remember something for years ahead. Behold the 'linking system'. This is where we associate pictures to the thing that we want to remember. Why do it like this? Well it's because we all think in pictures. For example if I tell you not to think of a big red air balloon you will think of exactly that, or if i ask you how was the hotel dinner last week? you would have a picture of the hotel and the food on your plate in your mind to remember it in need to tell me how it was presented.


Below are random items that are put into a list

1. Shoe                 6. Cup                11. Bird                 16. chimney

2. Hair                 7. Tree                12. Salmon          17. calculator

3. Bench              8. Phone            13. Sugar              18. Tv

4. Train               9. Lamp             14. theater           19. Kettle

5. Watch             10. Can              15. plant               20. window

The normal way that you would remember all of these would be to just remember the words but when we use the linking system we merge and interact these two pictures together. 

For example the first two are 'shoe' and 'hair' so picture a shoe made of hair which is the first thing that comes to most people. Then link the third item which is 'bench' by picturing a bench covered with hair. And to link the next which is 'Train' picture a little train on a bench and so on. So now the shoe + hair + bench + train are all linked. It is better to picture it vividly as your brain will remember them better, making it unrealistic and animated can help.
The best uses for this memory system is for tasks and shopping list and even presentations, using this would look more professional and confident. you would just link the last word to the next topic that you need to talk about.