Improvements for Version 2.0 of Infobarrel I would Love To See

Infobarrel has rapidly established itself as one of the premier online writing communities, with a focus on hosting quality content and rewarding writers and contributors with up to a generous 90% share of Google Adsense revenue. With its transparent income sharing model and improvements to the sites design and ad positioning, the sites has continued to increase its search engine reputation and page ranks results due to the sites focus on quality content and has rapidly seen visitor access numbers and therefore income for writers increase expedientially over the previous months. Although Infobarrel is arguably the best host for Adsense earning articles on the Internet, I believe the following changes in the mooted Infobarrel 2.0 can make the site look more professional, allow easier content creation and collaboration and greater Infobarrel community interaction which will lead to greater earnings for all content creators.

Adding of Amazon A-Store option as the Amazon widget on an article page

The two main sources of income that are available to content creators on Infobarrel are from Adsense and Amazon. With the site rules limiting self serving, non-Infobarrel links to a maximum of 2 per article, it is hard to maximise your potential Amazon return with the current site setup. The positioning of the Amazon widget is currently in an extremely prominent place within articles on Infobarrel, but it is difficult to get the keywords right to display exactly the product you are trying to advertise and it is limited to only displaying 4 items. It is also almost next to useless if you are trying to monetize different items in your article that use different keywords or different categories. A good example is my recent Snow White, Grumpy and Sleepy Gifts For Adults article. Here I list a variety of gift ideas, many of which are listed on Amazon but in the current setup I can only focus on one group of products (in this case, coffee mugs) to place in the Amazon widget. To support my article, I created a unique Amazon A-store, breaking items down into the categories that I am interested in monetizing and then linking to this store the maximum allowed two times within the article. Amazon gives the option of embedding A-Stores into websites, so in Infobarrel 2.0 if we could have the option of embedding an A-Store rather than the widget, with the prominent position on the Infobarrel page that will now be showing the highly targeted items that the content creator wants to show, should lead to significantly higher click through rates and greater sales for all involved, without adding additional clutter to the existing site.

Greater Ability To Edit Signatures

Along with the Amazon Widget, due to the prominent placing of the signature block within Infobarrel articles, it is the ideal place to put links to other content, be they other Infobarrel articles or links to external sites which you hope to monetize. I tend to write a series of articles in a particular niche, which I will want to interlink together to maximise the "Google Ranking" juice of Infobarrel and as in basic marketing lexicon, the mostly costly part of any sale is getting the person in the door in the first place. If you already have a customer (or in our case, someone reading one of our articles), you want to show them related content so that hopefully, if they didn't find what they were looking for in the first article, you have additional chances to make money off the customer in the related articles. It may take up to a month for me to write all of my articles for a particular niche, but I don't want to wait until they are all written before publishing them and getting all of the interlinking correct in the first instance. Although Infobarrel offers the ability to edit existing signature blocks, it does not provide the facility to add or modify html links in the edit signature facility. The addition of this feature would greatly reduce the time I have to spend creating new signature blocks within existing articles to cover all of the articles I wish to interlink.

Improved Forum

One of the great (and surprising) things about Infobarrel is how friendly, engaging and knowledge the Infobarrel community is. The internet is famous for communities being caustic, especially to new members, but I have found the community here to be one of the most considerate and helpful to new users and other community member on the internet. This is amazing considering just how awful the actual forum software itself is. For over a decade, users have been conditioned to be able to click next to an article to get to the first unread comment in a thread. I find that I love the front page functionality of the forums that shows the most recently update 15 or so forum threads, but it gives me no way of seeing a page 2 where I could see the next 15 threads. Some simple improvements to the forums would greatly increase the forum usage on the sight, allowing cross-pollination of ideas and strategies that end up helping the entire community.

Improved My Account Tools That Indicate What Percentage Of Adsense Ad's From Our Accounts Are Being Shown

One of Infobarrel's great strength is its generous ad sharing percentage. I love how the administrators leverage this by encouraging users to write long, quality content with the reward of additional Adsense user share. What the site really needs is under the My Account tab, to list out what your Adsense share percentage is for the month. The nightly job that runs around midnight that calculates word counts of new articles and assigns any points earnt through the day (for example, if you cross over the 20k word mark or make your 100th forum post) should also be modified to show how many points you have earnt in the 500+, 800+, 1000+ article contest for the next month and what the corresponding Adsense increase will be. This will further encourage users to write additional quality content, which benefits the whole community by increasing Infobarrel's reputation.

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