Don't be afraid to dress up and put on a tie.

The world is so lax these days.  Formal dinners are rare and the whole family barely gets together in the same house for dinner anymore, let alone the same table.  People have gone from dressing up to dressing down to wearing pajamas when they get on an airplane.  This is a common occurrence in churches as well.  Whatever happened to donning your Sunday best?

And don’t get me started specifically on men.  Men don’t even have as many steps from formal to informal as women do.  Where have all the men’s ties gone?  We need our men to put on their ties again and bring us upward and OUT of this casual, even neglectful downward spiral.

Why is a tie so important you may ask yourself?  A tie shows dignity, respect, a hard work ethic, confidence, and so many other good qualities that men can possess.  These qualities are thinning in our growing generations.  Let’s get them back.

Let’s show that it’s cool to ride a skateboard, and rock out on guitars, but that it’s cool to open a door for people, it’s amazing to contribute to society through a career that encourages progression and continued education, it’s wonderful to support those around you, and so on.

What’s in a necktie?  A lot.  Ties aren’t just for uptight men who go to boring meetings all day or sit in a church pew.  Ties are definitely not only for “special” occasions, like weddings and fundraisers.  They aren’t only necessary for your pending court date.

Ties are for men who want to show the world that they hold sway, that they know what they’re talking about, and that they enjoy what they’re doing.  All men are not created equal and neither are all ties.

That man wearing a tie in a boring meeting all day knows something that we don’t.  When he gets up to present he is vivacious, excited, full of life.  He wants to share what he knows with those around him.  When that man sits in that church pew he is open, listening, willing to accept new things into his life.

When the groom steps up to the altar in his tie, he steps up to the plate and shows that he is willing to stand beside his partner through everything.  When the defendant steps into the courtroom wearing his tie he shows that he is willing to face whatever is coming his way.

Step up to the plate, the altar, the bench, the table, the desk – wherever.  The days of dressing up for the airplane may be gone, but dressing up for our lives and improving the way we approach them is only a tie away.