In another article I wrote about a productivity tool called Write or Die and it is the one single productivity tool that helps me to challenge myself to write more even though I have set some very specific daily writing goals for myself these last two months of the year.

I have a habit of starting every year with the best goals in my mind especially related to my online earning level and how to increase that, but every year I start slacking as soon as I get fed up with sticking to a set schedule.

This year I thought I should do it a little bit different in order to see if I can increase my writing productivity in order to publish more article, either as part of my link building strategies or to directly increase my income. I decided to finish the year on a really good note as to set the tone for the new year to come.

Challenging myself is one of my tactics to get my productivity level up and for as far as I can tell, it is actually working pretty well. There are a few ways each and every one of you can challenge yourself and I am sure each person has their own favorite tactic, but I thought I´d share some of mine with you. It might just help to get that extra little push you need to build a few more links to your money making articles, or to write just one more article more each day.

First of the challenges I participate in is the Fall Frenzy over at the Keyword Academy where I have been a member for quite a while now. The Fall Frenzy is designed to push the members to create and publish as much content possible and the more they publish between the period of 15 October to the end of this year, the more chances they have to win a few cool prizes. The best prize is probably the $1000 cash bonus but they also offer a year´s membership or credits to order content for those who want to outsource to grow their business.

The Fall Frenzy covers 10 weeks of publishing and for me the real goal is not only to push myself to at least publishing 250.000 words but also to create better habits to reach my daily writing goals. So far I am doing really well and have published well over 100.000 words in a little over a month so that will surely mean an increase in earnings in the future.

Another challenge that I have set myself directly related to my writing productivity has to do with Squidoo. I have been a member of Squidoo for well over a year and had only created a few lenses when I first started really challenging myself. Some of my lenses however started to pick up traffic left and right and all of a sudden they started earning me affiliate income without doing anything with them.

Now, money is always a good incentive so I went back into my Squidoo account and decided it was about time to become a better lens master and create more Squidoo lenses. The end of December this year is going to be a new chance to become a Giant Squid so I have set myself the goal of improving all my lenses and reaching a total of 150 lenses before the year is over. I have also started becoming a more active member of Squidoo in order to learn more and am already seeing a big shift in my rankings and earnings over there.

The last challenge I have set myself is to write at least 5 days a week a certain amount of words and articles in order to improve my websites, my lenses and other pages plus of course create more back links to my existing articles.

So I am running little daily challenges with myself using the Write or Die application, try to do little private challenges with other writers in order to improve our article count and participate in any type of challenge that is geared to improving productivity. All these efforts are really starting to show results and to be honest, I am getting really thrilled seeing my income grow, my sales go up and my total word count making big leaps.

One thing that will make a huge difference in the success of your productivity challenges is to make yourself accountable and share your goals. It can be really hard though to come out and share specific goals with others, especially if that means that competitors might get tipped off and know what your tactics are going to be for certain events, but in the end it all comes down to what you feel is right and needed to get where you want to go.

It all comes down to work and the amount of effort you are willing and able to put in in order to reach your goals. My goal is to be totally independent. Not only money-wise but also location wise. I don´t want to tied to a certain location (even though I love living where I live right now!) but be able to go where I need and want to go.

In order to reach such a level of freedom, it is important to stretch those writing muscles and do whatever can influence and improve productivity levels, even if it means writing on boring topics or creating hundreds of articles on the same keyword in order to build back links.

To sum it all up, if you want to achieve something in life, you have to become productive. Challenging yourself and setting daily specific and realistic goals is probably one of the most effective way to do this.

So, are you challenging yourself? Do you set specific daily or weekly writing goals? Do you think you should share your goals with the world and thus become more accountable for them?