It is a known fact that indulging in exercises like swimming, jogging and going to the gym can help the body keep fit. The same applies to the eyes as you can very much put them to exercise. The health of your eyes will be improved by exercising them and it will make you less prone to eyestrain. There are many sight boosting exercises; the most effective ones are discussed below.

Try to make yourself comfortable by sitting on a chair. Make your palms warm by rubbing both of them together. With cupped palms, cover your eyes. Ensure your eyes are closed and do not put too much pressure on your eyeballs. Leave your nose uncovered and do not allow gaps in between your fingers that could allow rays of light into your eyes. In short, create a scenario of deep darkness and slowly take a deep breath. Repeat this exercise for as many times as you feel but do not forget to do it in a relaxed mood. This exercise will boost your sight.

Eye Massaging
Eye massaging is one of the very effective vision improving exercises you can take to. It takes three forms- hot and cold compress, full face massage and eyelid massage .The hot and cold compress requires you to have cold and hot water on different containers with each container having its own towel. Start with the hot water; soak a towel into it; squeeze out some water from the soaked towel and press it lightly on your cheeks, closed eyelids, eyebrows and face. Repeat the process using the cold water and a towel. Alternate the hot compress with the cold compress as many times as you feel but be sure to end with a cold compress.

Full face massage
The full face massage is done using a towel and some hot water. Use a lightly soak towel to rub your forehead, cheeks and neck. Then, gently massage your closed eyes with your finger tips. Finally, use your finger tips to massage your forehead.

Eyelid Massage
For the eyelid massage, you will need to start by washing your hands as to do otherwise could damage your eyes. You will have to move your fingers circularly on your closed eyes in the course of massaging them. Avoid pressing hard on your eyes and maximum of two minutes is enough for this kind of eye massaging.

Distant and Nearby Object
You can also exercise your eyes by fixing them on a distant object of about fifty meters or one hundred and fifty feet away from you for about fifteen seconds. Then, get a nearby object not more than ten meters away from you, focus on it with your head not bent or shaken; remain in this state for about fifteen minutes. Repeat the whole process not less than three times.

The above vision improving exercises will greatly boost your sight if followed to the letter.