You Can Make Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings Grow

Exploring The Amazon Affiliate Program

If you are an Amazon associate I’m sure you’re always thinking about how to improve your Amazon affiliate earnings, I know I am. Well, I will give you a couple of tips that just might help you with that. Plus I will tell you about a new affiliate marketing software that will definitely be a big help.


Did You Know?


Did you know that Amazon was the first online store to have an affiliate program? That’s right, way back when they only sold books Amazon started their associates program in order to sell more books. Today of course there are hundreds of stores with affiliate programs, but Amazon is still the most used by affiliates.


Here are some bigger commissions earning tips.


Tip Number 1


Create more online properties promoting affiliate products. It is a matter of fact that the more properties you have promoting affiliate products the bigger your potential for making more money is. It doesn’t matter if it’s websites that you own or free web 2.0 properties, the more of them you have the more money in you pocket.


For example, you create three blogs of your own with each one promoting a different product. One can promote baby strollers, one can promote digital cameras and the third sewing machines. Each one of those blogs will have blog posts for different models and brands of those products.


At the same time you can also have Squidoo lenses for different products. All of those properties will be working for you with one goal in mind and that’s increasing your Amazon affiliate earnings.


Tip Number 2


The second tip is to sell higher ticket items. Products like HDTVs, laptops and appliances sell for a lot of money so your commissions on these items are going to be bigger.


One strategy you can use is to sell low and high-ticket products. Amazon has a policy of the more you sell the higher your commission percentage gets.


Every month your commission percentage starts at 4% and grows the more items you sell up to 7%. Since it’s easier to sell lower ticket items you can use them to boost your commission percentage so that when you make the higher ticket sells they have a good chance of being in the higher commission percentage.


 A New Affiliate Marketing Software That Can Help Boost Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings


I had been hearing about this new affiliate marketing software called “Affiliate Cash Snipers” that is supposed to give you the potential of growing your Amazon affiliate earnings so I decided to look into it. What I learned about this software makes me believe that it can help with bigger commissions.


Briefly, what it does is let you create interactive widgets that make it easy for your website visitors to pick the attributes of a product you are promoting. Once they do that they click to see the item, which is on Amazon and if they buy it you get the commission.


Being able to pick the attributes of an item lets the visitor get exactly what they want and gives you a higher chance for a sale.


There’s more information here


I hope this was helpful and good luck with your Amazon affiliate earnings.