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So if you have already read How to Improve Your Appearance - Men's Health Series Part 1 on skin, you know that I like to tackle my appearance from head to toe. The skin is the most essential foundation for well-being. What is going on the inside of the body translates to the outside appearance. The hair is very similar. This article will focus on improving your hair's fullness, texture and will also tell you how to get your hair to start growing back if it has begun to recede or thin.

There is nothing more frustrating for most guys than hair loss Hair is important for attractiveness because it frames the face, which allows for ideal balance and symmetry among all the features including the nose, eyes, and eyebrows. Women, especially in my generation (I'm 24), are attracted to a guy with a full head of hair. That's not to say that they only like a guy with a full head of hair, but it's a leg up most of the time if you have the option to at least grow some nice looking hair. Most guys make the mistake of only doing two things for their hair. And both more than likely hurt its' appearance more than they help. Shampoo and a haircut. That's it. How can that hurt? Shampoo cleans the scalp and hair, however most shampoo in the grocery store has contaminants that strip the nature oils of the scalp so far that it causes irritation and dryness. The result being flat or dull looking hair and even dandruff. Not using a conditioner is also a mistake. Getting a haircut is also very important, as long as it is the right haircut for your face.

With that being said, here is a list of men's health tips, tricks and things to do to improve the look of your hair, grow it thicker and ultimately improve one more aspect of your appearance to attract women. Hair loss is hard to face. But if you know why you are losing hair, then you can prevent it as best as possible!

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Step 1 - Use the Right Shampoo & Conditioner

Improving your appearance is not that hard. In fact, as you improve your appearance you improve your health. Many men simply don't know the proper steps to take or don't take the steps because they perceive men who groom themselves metro-sexuals. There is no shame in making yourself look better and the sooner you do, the sooner more women will look your way, I promise.

First, you do not have to use a shampoo every day. Cleaning your hair every other day allows your bodies natural oil to keep your healthy and shiny. Chances are you are using a daily shampoo with Sodium Sulfate. This is not good for your hair at all. It will dry out your hair and make it look dull. Get a shampoo without all the chemicals and sulfates. Burt's Bee's Very Volumizing Shampoo is good but American Crew Tea Tree Shampoo is my absolute favorite. Your hair will take a week to get use to you shampooing it every other day but the PH level will soon even out and make your hair more healthy.

- Get a shampoo without sulfates and use every other day is a men's health secret you need to follow

Conditioners are a product that lots of guys simply don't use. I'm not really sure why. But you should. When it comes to creating healthy and shiny looking hair, conditioner is actually more important. Get a conditioner with natural products in it, just like your shampoo, and use it daily. Make sure to get the conditioner on the scalp and ends of the hair and leave in for 3-5 minutes before washing out with luke warm water. Never put your hair under undue stress by scorching it with hot water.

- Get a conditioner with natural ingredients and use daily

Experiencing Hair Loss?

- Massage your full head with your finger tips for several minutes when applying shampoo to stimulate blood flow and loosen clogged pores caused by DHT.

- Use Nizoral Shampoo once per week;not more than twice. Nizoral is a prescription quality dandruff shampoo that helps rid the head of dandruff and has been known to block DHT, the key cause of male pattern baldness.

- Pat dry hair with a towel when getting out of the shower. Never rub it or comb it when it is very wet. Wet hair is much weaker and will break off much easier.

You are one step closer to improving your appearance using the men's health series way. On to step 2.

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Shampoo for Hair Loss

Step 2 - Eat the Right Things

Hair can vary widely based on what foods our body takes in. The more vitamins and nutrients your hair follicles receive, the longer and healthier it can grow. Foods known as super foods are great not only for your hair but for your skin, nails, eyes, and brain. Eating right does not just make you skinny. It makes you think clearer, see better, look better, and feel better. Here is a list of men's health foods you should eat weekly. Not only are these foods conducive to an overall healthy lifestyle, they will offer the proper nutrients your hair needs to grow thick and full.

- Salmon

- Beef (No more than twice per week to avoid heart problems)

- Green Tea

- Carrots

- Eggs (Rich in biotin which helps grow your hair thicker and shinier)

- Dark Green Leafy vegetables

- Walnuts

- Lentils

- Bell Peppers

- Whole Grains

- Berries

- Sweet Potatoes

- Shrimp

- and BACON! (I knew you guys would like that)

Food, as we all know if vital to appearing and feeling attractive. There aren't too many fitness models eating Fruity Pebbles every morning...maybe for a treat. Step 2 is complete. Are you feeling like you are getting closer to improving your appearance?

On to Step 3.

Being Don Draper for the day
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Step 3 - Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very touchy subject for many. Even if you don't think you are losing hair, you are. The naked eye does not see a difference in hair thickness until 50% of it is gone. Fact. Many of us wake up one morning, look in the mirror and say "Wow, I'm balding". Chances are, you were balding years earlier without even realizing it. When we are exposed to extra bright light, our balding pattern is revealed more to our eye. There is hope though! You can actually conceal and reverse lots of it, improving your appearance. Here are some products to help you along the way:

- Rogaine Foam (A must have. Once in the morning and once at night. The directions say to use it on the crown of your head, but put it anywhere you are balding. It works.)

- Propecia (This is a prescription medication that is around $90 per month. Insurance doesn't cover it. What it does is it blocks DHT, which is the key cause of male pattern baldness. There has been reports of ED on the stuff over time though, so I would caution against this.)

- Limit sexual interactions to 2-3 days per week (I know this sucks. And to be honest, abstaining for a week is a good start and then gradually feeling out your body will allow you to be a better judge of this. But excessive masturbation and sexual interactions wreak havoc on your hormones, cause spikes in DHT, thus causing hair loss. This is not a joke.)

- DermMatch (The best kept secret in Hollywood. If you have thinning spots, using DermMatch is your best bet. The stuff is magic. It conceals the skin that is exposed from the thinning hair and makes your hair look full. Stays on in water. Comes off with shampoo. Tip: When using, blot hair with a towel for a minute or so to absorb excess.)

- Toppik (Another magical concealer for thinning areas. Natural hair fibers that stick to your already existing hair. Creates the most natural look in the world.)

Creating a men's health regimen should be fun. Remember to have fun, record your progress and don't let anything get you down for long!

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Step 4 - Run & Do Yoga

When it comes to improving your appearance, working out is not only great for your heart and muscles, it is also great for your hair. A fine line must be set here however, as sports that need lots of strength like bodybuilding increase DHT which as we all know by now, is the cause of male pattern baldness. Have you ever seen a bald distance runner? I'm sure they exist but seriously, there is something there. Longer endurance activities are great for detoxifying the body and helping to promote hair growth.

Practicing yoga is also another great way to stimulate hair growth. Yoga actually promotes wellness not only in the hair, but in your posture and overall health which is never a bad thing when it comes to attracting women. You don't necessarily have to practice everyday, but yoga 2-3 times a week in the morning helps promote blood flow to the follicles and gives you an energy boost for the entire day.


Step 5 - Get a Stylish Haircut

Even if you have the thickest hair in the world, if it is not cut, it will not make you look that great. If you are anything like me, you are sick of seeing all the hipster haircuts with buzzed sides and dyed roots. Get back to the basics and impress women in other ways. Please don't get a Beiber unless you are 12 or live in Oregon.

Keep it short on the sides and back and a bit longer on the top to give you some styling options. Think Don Draper or post-corn rows David Beckham.

Use product and a comb. I used to know this kid who kept a comb in his football pads so when he took his helmet off her could fix his hair. I'm not suggesting this however having a comb with you is always a good idea if you want to look your best. Depending on your hair style, a light pomade is probably all you need to give your hair a bit of hold in front. Women want to see your face. When I was young I always noticed that all the actors had either buzzed heads or bangs that were up. Think about why this is and do it.

Now for the last step to improve your hair's appearance and be the best man you can be.

Step 6 - Eyelashes, Eyebrows, Eyes & Bodyhair

So this last step for improving your hair to attract women is a bit of an overlooked subject. However the eyebrows are one of the most important features of the face, as they give structure and symmetry. Meaning, you need ones that look good. Things you will need:


-Tweezers, Small scissors, comb, & pencil

The first thing you must understand is that grooming your eyebrows is a must if you want to improve your appearance. That being said, there is a proper way to do this and there is a wrong way to do this. You do not want to look like a girl. You do not want to look like you touch your eyebrows. Step 1 when it comes to grooming your eyebrows is to take a fine tooth comb and brush your eyebrows up. If there is a hair or two that is super long, cut it back to the normal length with your scissors. Do the same thing and brush your eyebrows down towards your eyes. If you have not touched your eyebrows in a while then there will definitely be a few hair you need to trim. Step 2 is to grab your tweezers and pluck all of those really fine hairs between your eyebrows off. These hairs may not look like they make a difference gone, but without them you will give a nice clean look. Step 3 is to do the same thing but underneath your eyebrows. Again, these will be fine hairs. Do not pluck and dark hairs just yet. Step 4 is to grab a pencil and line it up on one side of your nose first up to your forehead. It should be in a straight line from your mouth to your forehead. Any hairs on the outside of this pencil pluck out. Do the same thing for the other side. Your eyebrow should end at the corner of your eye or just a bit past. Do the same thing for the outer edge of your eyebrows. Line the pencil up on the corner of the outside of each eye and pluck all the hairs that go beyond.

Some men have very thin eyebrows, and if you are one of them then there is hope. On the internet you can buy eyelash and eyebrow accelerator for dirt cheap. This stuff works! Buy 2-3 if you will be using them solely for your eyebrows however as it does use up quicker than if you were just using it for your eyelashes. In the mean time, as you wait for your eyebrows to grow out, use some Toppik on them. Make sure to sure to blot with a towel afterwards to make them seem thick and real.


- Eyelash and eyebrow accelerator & an anti-redness eye drops

When I look to improve my appearance I go from head to toe looking at every part in between wondering what I can do to improve them. You may notice that your eyelashes are very short or sparse. Women love long eyelashes on men! I swear. Just think about it and don't put fake ones on. They don't love that. Second, staring at screens all day or the road hurts your eyes. You probably have visible red blood vessels that don't necessarily make your eyes look that nice. Pick up an anti-redness eye drop solution and put 2-3 drops in each eye 2 times a day for 3 or 4 days and then ease back to 2 times per week. I have listed my favorite brand below.

Body hair:

It's becoming more common for men to wax their chests' and back but if you don't feel comfortable at least get that hair off your back. Other than that, make sure you have a good nose hair trimmer because that is another thing no woman likes to see. Keep it trimmed and do so 2 times per week.

As always, if you have any questions regarding my articles or men's health, please contact me and I will answer your questions in a timely manner. If you have not yet read part 1 on improving your skin, make sure you do so. I hope you learned something! Below you will find all of the articles to the Men's Health Series.

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