Everyone is a blogger these days, but that doesn't mean that everyone is a good blogger. There are many people out there who try to make a successful blog only to fail and many of them are trying to monetize their blog to make a few dollars. If this is you, you aren't alone. With a few good tips you can improve your blog and be on your way to getting more traffic and to making more money from your blog.

Many people would love to make money writing about whatever pops into their heads. Maybe that includes what they did last night, their review of their new camera, an article on fly fishing, and what they had for breakfast. Sure it sounds good to you, but it lacks the focus necessary to get traffic, to get people to come back, and to make any money off of it. You need to focus on a single topic for your blog. Here are a few tips for doing that:

  • Pick something you know a lot about. If you have to research every post you write, you won't be writing for long. So pick a topic that you already have a fair amount of knowledge about. If you love to snowshoe and you know almost everything there is to about it then it might be the topic for you. But if you are into watching extreme sports on TV, but don't really know much about them, it isn't a good idea to pick this one for a topic.
  • Pick something you love to write about. Maybe you love snowshoeing, but you hate writing about it. If that is the case then this isn't going to be the topic for you. After all, you will soon hate it and soon give up.
  • Pick something that is large enough to have several subtopics, but narrow enough that most or all of those subtopics will appeal to your readers. This can be tricky, but picking a general topic is good and then coming up with subtopics for ideas is helpful for you and will make it easier for you to write. For example your topic may be gardening and it could include flower gardens, vegetable gardens, fruit gardens, herb gardens, indoor gardening, gardening on your patio, and even decorative additions to your garden. Many of those topics will appeal to others who are either gardeners or who are looking at becoming gardeners. It can also cover things like chemicals, ways to repel animals, different bugs that attack your gardens, and even different bugs that help out your gardens.
  • Your goal when focusing on a topic is to pick something you know a lot about, something you will enjoy working with, something that is specific enough that your readers will find lots of information on your site and are likely to come back (and likely to recommend it). Many people want to pick ones that are high in expensive key words and hope they make more money that way, but it is harder to sustain such a blog.

Plan your posts.
Once you have a focused topic chosen and you have honed in on that it is time to start planning your posts. This doesn't mean you have to have a specific plan all laid out (today I will talk about walking shoes and tomorrow running shoes), but rather that you have ideas building. Start with a list of subtopics you can write about. Then list out some of your ideas for eachsup topic . If you have a good sized list of things you can write about all ready then all you need to do is pick one and write. It will make it easier for you to keep up, even on days you don't really feel like writing. Keeping it all organized in a note book or three ring binder can also make a huge difference.

Post regularly.
While sporadic posts are easy to do, it isn't good for your traffic, for return visitors, for your search engine ratings, or for your earnings. Therefore it is a good idea to post regularly. Most bloggers agree that at least three posts a week should be done for the best results. These should be done on different days (or at least posted on different days) so that it looks updated regularly. Doing more then three is only going to make things better, but grouping them altogether isn't a good idea. Better to spread them out a little.

Focus on your audience.
Blogging really needs to be about the people who read the blogs. Even if you are trying to make money or a living with it you need to focus on your readers. If you get caught up in trying to make money you will find yourself without any readers and in turn without any money. Readers are the only way that you can make money, so focus on them and you will see the money come in, but beware that it will probably take some time.

Keep writing.
A lot of bloggers fizzle out before they have gotten anything of quality out there. If you are wanting to have a successful blog, be a blogger, and or make money from your blog then you have to keep at it. It will take time. It will take a lot of work. But if you stop writing before you get to that point then you will be left with nothing.

While it is often hard for bloggers, especially new bloggers, to get comments they are really good for your blog. They keep it fresh and Google likes that. It is a good idea for you to respond to the comments made on your blog. This will make your readers feel more involved, can inspire discussions, and is very good for your page ratings.

Layouts and formats.
While a good blog can have a bad layout (and some of them do), it is best if you have a good layout. Ask yourself how easy it is to use, to find everything, and to move about. You want the experience to be a comfortable one. If it isn't comfortable people won't hang around, won't come back, and won't recommend you to others (or at least they are less likely to do so). Once you have decided you like it ask some friends and family to review it. Ask them to be honest and to make suggestions for improving the look andfunctionality of it.

Improving your blog will take work. It will take time and effort. It won't be easy or a walk in the park. However, improving your blog will make your audience grow. When you audience grows your chances of making a profit also grow!