If you are interested in making your body more mobile and increasing your flexibility while reducing stiffness and limiting chronic pains, then read on as I provide you tips that will help make you more mobile and limber.

Step 1: It is important that you stretch stretch stretch as often as you can. Flexibility plays a key role in how limber your body is and will definitely help you improve your mobility. The most important areas you want to focus on stretching are your lower back, hip flexors, hamstrings, calves, and neck. When these areas become tight, then you start to see pain and stiffness that results from these muscles being tight and pulling on ligaments which ultimately will lead to you compensating for these tight muscles. So remember to stretch everyday.

Step 2: Make it a point to supplement your diet with Glucosamine. This super vitamin is responsible for rebuilding the cartilidge between your bones and cushioning your joints. It can help reduce pain associated with stiffness and help your body become more mobile.

Step 3: Work on strengthening your core muscles. Your core is comprised of your abdominals, your lower back, and your hips. Your core holds your body together and controls all the movement your body makes. Having a strong core will not only help you become more mobile, but it will help with your balance and overall body strength as well.

Step 4: You should also perform lifts in the weight room that require you to use a great deal of flexibility and move your body through a great range of motion. For example, you should perform squats and concentrate on squatting deep to open up and engage your hip flexors. Another great exercise to perform is power cleans. This exercise requires a great deal of mobility and flexibility which means if you perform it, it will definitely work on your mobility and flexibility.

Step 5: Try taking a dance, yoga, or or ballet class. These classes depending on what you have to do, can be a great and fun way to work on your body's mobility and improve it. They will also work on your flexibility as well. Yoga and ballet classes challenge it's participants to be flexible and work on their range of motion.

In conclusion, if you apply these tips to your life, you can definitely improve your mobility and make yourself more flexible. Good Luck