A very easy 5 part guide on how to increase reading speed


Improving your reading skills stops when you are comfortably reading the way you have been taught by repeating the words in your head. One could imagine that your education should continue like it happens with many other subjects, but it does not happen, neither in high school, nor in college, nor in university and definitely not in the office. Can you imagine learning how to add and subtract numbers and then nobody will teach you anything else about mathematics. If it was not accidental, putting such huge limitation on each human generation could be considered a criminal act.

Now that you have understood what the problem is and how it came to be, there should be no more questions in your mind about the past and you should be ready to move on to the future and start improving your reading skills.

What I will be teaching you is to break your current wrong education and replace it with a far superior ability. This will change your life. How? Knowledge is everything. Instead of having read one book last month you would have finished 5 in the exact same time you currently took for one. Instead of keeping quiet in the office during a meeting, you will point out the issues in the report which just came out, which nobody had time to read “the good old way”. Imagine the so many ways boosting your knowledge by several times can improve the quality of your private and professional life.

What you have to get into your head is the simple concept reading smileythat biologically there are no limitations at all. I do not want you to read that sentence as any other sentence. Truly understand it. Our body has no limitations whatsoever biologically concerning the speed of our reading. As far as our body is concerned the only limitation is your physical ability to turn the pages. I am not telling you that you will be reading a page per second next month. I am telling you that there are people in this world who are doing it and that biologically there is nothing stopping you from doing the same. However, what you know very well already is that achieving such a thing takes the same hard work as achieving any other great thing in our lives.

Improving reading skills can be taken as short or as far as you choose to. You can triple your speed with a relatively small investment and maybe you will be content with this. Or maybe you will become addicted watching yourself improve that you will keep asking for more and train a number of years to become a master and consequently join the tiny group of the most intelligent people on Earth. That decision can and should only be taken by you – you are the master of your destiny. I am here simply to give you the tools you need to develop just one of the many amazing abilities that you have.

Next on improving reading skills: in Part 3.