A very easy 5 part guide on how to increase reading speed


After reading the first 3 parts on improving reading skills you are probably very eager now to get more action and less theory. I really do hope your excitement is quite high and it was my aim to try to build it up. The reason I say this is because like any great accomplishment a lot of work is required and the work may seem tedious, which is why it is very important you keep the goal in mind and your excitement lit. Just imagine someone who is extremely overweight and needs to lose at least 100 pounds. This person can visualize all the benefits which come with that, but this person also has several months of very hard workouts and a strict nutrition plan, which can get the better of any weak individual and make them quit not even a third of the way. As each person is different I put my trust in you to find the best motivation ideas to keep yourself going, to not miss a training session and get that goal closer and closer to realization.

reading smileyACTION #1

Problem reminder:
Educated to read one word at a time, i.e. our eyes are looking at one word then another.

Teach the eyes to unlearn this bad habit and instead start seeing more than one word at a time.

The method:
Take any book of a foreign language that you absolutely do not speak or, if this ideal is not possible, take any book and turn it upside down. Improving reading skills will come from “reading” this book by looking, to start with, at two words at a time. As you may realize a lot of patience will be required to go through this seemingly silly exercise. After all, I am asking you to read a book you can’t read. But do understand that the objective here is eye training. All your life you have read one word at a time. It takes more than a day and more than one book to unlearn this and learn instead to see more. I will give you neither a time requirement nor a quantity requirement. The only way that you can learn is through your own honesty. You have to come to a completely realization that you are not seeing one word anymore, but you are able to see two. At this point, to test yourself, pick up a regular book which you do understand and read it while being conscious if you are picking up one or more words at a time. The only thing I do recommend you for improving reading skills is that you spend at least 15 minutes each and every day on this exercise. This is because a habit develops only after you do something consistently for at least 40 days. Now you may get the hang of it much faster, but I urge you to be honest.

(A tip: you can use newspapers when learning to read phrases at a time. They are especially comfortable due to their narrow column print)

The future:
In following parts we will be discussing other exercises and I will not come back to this one, so it is fully up to you to continue practicing this exercise while also adding others that we will discuss which have different objectives. What you need to do in the future for this exercise is repeat the entire step by increasing the difficulty, i.e. once you are fully ready with 2 words at a time, restart and learn 3 words at a time, then half a line at a time, then a full line at a time, then several lines, then zig zag through the entire page and finally the ultimate goal of looking at the full page at a time. I remind you this is not something you accomplish in some weeks or even some months or, depending on a person, even some years.

Next on improving reading skills: in Part 5.