Improve your memory - Person thinking
Credit: Hobvias sudeneighm - Flickr

Who doesn't want a better memory? It is such a valuable skill to have, and is transferable into all areas of life. Improving your memory might seem impossible, but that is far from the truth. Here are some very simple tricks you can use when you find yourself with just 10 minutes spare that will help to transform your memory into that enviable of a superhero!

Think of an object – such as your mobile phone.  Let your mind go blank and then visualise the phone – picture your phone from all different angles, what does it look like underneath, on top. Think about the colour of your phone (or it’s case) .. what does that colour make you feel? Imagine the textures of the case, and the keys.. visualise yourself touching the touchscreen or pressing the buttons. What would your phone smell like? What would it taste like?

Do this with any object that you like – memories are strengthened with emotional response, visualising and your imagination are important skills to practice when learning to improve your memory.

Practice exaggeration – Make a list of objects, anything you like… an apple, a book, a bicycle etc. List around 10 things or more. Now read through your list, one by one and visualise each object. Exaggerate it – make the apple bigger than your house and so red it could compete with a fire truck. Call on all your senses and visualise the crunch as you bite into it, the flavour, tastes and smells. Now move on and do the same with each item. Once you finish, turn over the page and test yourself, see how many you remember!

Write down your dreams – for some people dreams are vivid and they remember every detail, for others they are just fleeting thoughts, lost with the sunrise in the morning. Practice recording your dreams every morning by keeping a notepad or an audio recorder beside the bed, even if for the first few days your memories are only a single word, you will progress rapidly and within a week or two will be able to recall pages of detailed information each night. Exercising your memory for dreams has a strong positive effect on your day to day memory skills too, and you will find the results of this exercise transferring into all sorts of places you didn’t expect.

Remembering the Past – make sure you are well relaxed for this exercise, and get comfortable. Think of a memory from long ago, and spend some time recalling it – think of what happened, who was there, what the emotions were. See what other memories and thoughts it leads to. Try writing it down or sharing with a friend too, as remembering old memories to share or just recall can have the effect of working out the memory pathways in your bran, which can lead to better day to day memory skills.


 Made it through all of these? Feeling the results but wanting more? There are tons of resources around for improving your memory. My personal favorite is written by a well known author named Tony Buzan, He also writes a lot of insightful books on Mind mapping that I highly recommend.