Impulsive Shopping, How to Save Money

           Are you shopaholic? Would you spend your last dollar just to buy that irresistible dress that you found in your favorite boutique? Well, you should read this article to get some tips and techniques how to say “NO”. Impulsive shopping is surely the shortest way to credit card debt. Shopping is indeed every woman’s best friend, but did you know that by buying unnecessary things could lead you to a serious problem eventually?

          I had been a victim of impulsive shopping once and believe me, you would not want it after you received unending bills from your credit company asking you to settle your accounts as soon as possible. But don’t let it happen. You are the master of your personal finance and you should know when to stop and when not to shop.


Here are effective techniques and tips to avoid impulsive shopping:

  • Know your monthly expenses: to avoid spending too much than what you earn, you need to determine your expenses monthly. Recurring expenses such as rental bills, electricity, water bills and food allowances are inevitable; therefore, setting aside a budget for these expenses is a must. Calculate how much money left after paying those expenses and then you can divide it for your monthly allowance and for other petty expenses. This way, you can avoid spending too much of what you earn. Keep track of your shopping expenses. Always keep in mind the value before buying anything.
  • Avoid going in discounted stores: don’t go in to discounted stores where you know you can’t resist such as shoes and clothes shop. Buying discounted items is good, but to spend way too much of your credit card is really a bad idea. High interest will surely rise if you fail to pay the balance in time and you would end up paying more than the original cost of your discounted shoes or clothes.
  • Don’t spend your free time in mallsspending your free time in malls is not a good idea especially if you know that you’ve reached your shopping limits. By going to the mall you will likely end up spending on things you hardly need and it is a bad idea if you are avoiding impulsive shopping. Many people are victims of impulsive shopping due to the irresistible displays and discounted prices of the shopping malls. They entice you to go in and buy.
  • Leave credit card: if you can’t avoid going to the mall, leave your credit at home to avoid the temptation of impulsive shopping. This will leave you with no choice but to give up items you might otherwise bought if you have your credit card with you.
  • Seek a professional help: if you feel your spending is way out of control and can’t cope up with it anymore, you can seek a professional financial adviser for help.

          Shopping addiction is a serious problem that can affect you and your family’s financial aspect. Seeking a professional help is a good option to help you out of the nightmare you are in. You should know when to stop spending shopping to avoid getting into serious debt that might affect your life. Spend wisely!