The Cute little ellipitcal machine above is the stunning InMotion elliptical machine.  This Machine is one of the tops in at Home Exercise Gadgets.  Lets take a look at why this tiny little elliptical machine is actually a giant of the industry.

A Tiny and Inexpensive Elliptical Machine Makes a Big Name for Itself

Let's face it. the first though on looking at the picture of this elliptical machine is, "where is the rest of it?"  It looked like someone cut a normal machine to pieces and wants to give you the pedals.  But that is parSmall Inexpensive elliptical machine(48572)t of the charm.  Lets see why this home exercise equipment should be a must have for anyone into home fitness.

It's Small Size:  What some may first view as a disadvantage is actually one of it's primary charms.  It's size.  It is small enough to stor under a bed, under a couch or just about anywhere.  An expensive and large full sized elliptical machine takes up far too much real estate and often ends up as an expensive and bluky place to store the laundry.

Easy to put together:  Yes it does come in a few pieces, but it is incredibly easy to put it together.  With two left thumbs it can be put together with ease.

The price of this tiny elliptical giant:  Yes the small price means giant savings.  Full sized elliptical machines will run you 400-1500 dollars.  You can get this tiny, inexpensive elliptical machine for under 100$.  You can't beat that for a bargain.

The counter is out of the way:  YOur purpose for this inmotion elliptical machine is to exercise.  there is a counter built in, but it is out of the way, so you do not have to try to read it while trying to use it.

Balancing works out core:  Some people may see the lack of handles as a negative.  but using it without the handles forces the user to use his core muscles, which actually makes your workout far better.

Portablity:  Going away for the weekend?  take your InMotion Hideaway elliptical trainer with you for the weekend.  You cannot get easier than this machine for portability and ease of use.

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Why are Elliptical Machines so Good?

Of course it could be that you are not even convinced on the need for an elliptical machine at all.  Much less a small, inexpensive and portable elliptical machine.

Perhaps there isn't even a need for it for you.  Let's see what an elliptical machine can do for you.

Why use an Elliptical machine at all

The Picture here is obviously of  a full size machine.  The InMotion Stamina 55-1610 is better than the full machine in some ways (price, size, portability) and obviously has it's cons points too.  But regardless of "What" Machine you use to exericse a home elliptical machine, if it is used, has a ton of benefits. Here are a few of the benefits for using an elliptical machine to work out at home.


Full Cardio Workout from home:  Yes you could of course go jogging or speed walking and get a decent cardio workout.  But not in your own home.  A treadmill, is another solution, but those are expensive and bulky.  This machine will give you a full cardio workout and still fit under your bed.  Something not many of the other tools can do.

Low Impact Workout:  Any longtime runner will tell you that running can be hard on the knees and hips over time.  The constant pounding builds up, even for those that are fit.For those that are 'out of shape" the same issue applies.  The pounding will stress your knee and hip joints well before it gives your muscles that good "tired" feeling.

The low impact circular motion of an elliptical machine means you get all the muscle movements of running or stair climbing, without the jarring impact that may lead to knee surgery at 50.

Core workout:  Running works out the core muscles... a little.  The eliptical machine does it to a far greater degree.  Having to maintain ablance while doing your elliptical exercise will keep your core muscles exercised and therefor help with  keep your lower back and stomach strong, perhaps working to prevent and decrease other potential injuries that could throw you off of your workout game. 

As you can see there there are a lot of good resaons to check out this small and inexpensive InMotion Elliptical machine

And even more in home workout gadgets

Inexpensive and and small bike resistance pedals from inMotion

Perhaps an elliptical machine is not the thing for you?  If that is the case perhaps this may be the tool for you.  This tool is another great one for the working at home scene.  This bicycle is also a tiny and inexpensive tool that can be used from the comfort of your home.

This small bicycle with its resistive predals can be used while sitting in a chair and still getting a great workout.  It is also inexpensive, being priced at around 40$ and can make a decent replacement or a great addition to the elliptical machine.

InMotion:  Inexpensive and Small Home Elliptical Machine

So if you want to get a great workout, hopefully the tiny elliptical machine and/or the tiny bicycle with its resistive pedals may be just the thing for you.  A good workout routine needs to have it's share of aerobic activity.  If running or walking is the thing for you they should be sufficient, but if you would like to work out inside of your home these tools may be just the thing for you.

The tiny resistive pedals can give you a surprisingly good workout that coupled with the elliptical machine can go far into your aerobic routine.

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There are a lot of great tools here to help you exercise, but you have to get the exerice going on your own.  The important thing is to get started.  The tools like the ellicptical machine and the resistive bike pedals can help to make the job easier, but the work will still need to come from within.  Good Luck