"Life is like a chess move make your next move a better move. Don't sit around waiting for doors to open. Go get the wood build that door and walk thru it cause you need to make opportunities happen not wait for them!"

Vanessa A. Cheers

Just as when playing chess, every move in life should be calculated so should home business opportunities. We calculate the cost of a purchase or a career opportunity, we calculate how much time we will spend traveling or holding meetings. But do we calculate the move we need to execute to make home business opportunities for yourself? Probably not.

So often people wait for opportunities for home businesses to present themselves. Sometimes waiting a life time. Since it is traditional at the beginning of each year new mottoes are conceived, new goals built, new business opportunities are sought, why not make a calculated move, just as if you are playing chess, and instead of waiting for opportunities, make home business opportunities for yourself in 2011.

Different Home Business Opportunities

Sitting at your cubicle working can prove to be boring and can leave you with a feeling of being in a "dead end" state. You can choose to not live your life this way. It is possible to make opportunities for yourself while still being gainfully employed. Some of opportunities can even lead to a successful life of starting your own business.

What home business opportunities can you create? Here are just a sample of the ways you can make home business opportunities for yourself:

  • If you have a knack for writing become a freelance writer, sell your articles or create a blog. You can do this in your spare time while working your nine to five.
  • Are you a great cook? One of the home business opportunities can come from taking a community class and become certified to be a personal chef or cater small events.
  • Do you love people and places of interest? Find out what is needed to be an independent tour operator in your city or state.
  • Are you a fast typist? Typing services can be offered and other than printing cards to advertise your service costs very little to start up as one of several home business opportunities.
  • Not sure where to start? Research information on Affiliate Marketing and sign up for others to do the work for you while you make supplemental income.

If you think creatively and don't give way to self doubt, in 2011, you can make home business opportunities for yourself instead of waiting for opportunities to come your way. As the quote states "get the wood and build that door then walk through it"! Don't wait for home business opportunities to come to you in 2011 make it happen for yourself.