There are so many books on the market today and more coming out everyday that focus on how we can improve our life's.. The old adage that you have to work on yourself still holds true. But where do we start. If you go to the local book store and head into the self improvement section, you will definitely be very overwhelmed.

I have personally read several of the big titles, including several of Anthony Robbins works. "Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill". "Greatest Salesman in The World" by Og Mandino. The list goes on and on. It is so easy to get lost in a big huge ocean of self improvement theories, ideas and advice. I was involved in the mental health field for over 20 years. I taught or attempted to teach people simple techniques such as positive affirmations and other techniques to improve self esteem.

I learned one thing for sure. Change for people is very difficult. People tend to look at the big picture and give up to fast. Probably the best book I ever read that actually gave good sound advice was "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson. I loved this book because its entire focus was on doing little tiny seemingly insignificant things consistently day after day.

In today's fast pace world we want to get up in the morning read a book on how to improve our self and our finances. Without applying the principles even we then want to wake up the next morning new, improved and rich. If we don't see immediate change we get discouraged. Well things don't work this way. We have all forgotten the law of the harvest. You reap what you sow. You plant a seed you have to water it, take care of it, and nurture it. Even planting the seed is difficult for most , so I say just have a thought of planting the seed. Another powerful self help book that I read was "If You Think You Can" by TJ Housington. He describes 13 basic principles to success, but the logic behind it all is merely our thoughts.

In my profession I worked with some severely depressed individuals that did not function well at all.

I would often break it down just this simple for people. People need tiny little seemingly insignificant steps to improving themselves. Okay first I would say if you want to accomplish a task then do this. Just think to yourself, I want to accomplish a task. I worked with people that it was a task to get out of bed in the morning. They had to be prodded along to survive. So initially just form a thought about what you need to do. This sometimes was all they would do, but that's okay.

An example of this may be cleaning up an out of control garage and organizing it. Most people look at the big picture and give up. So I say just form the thought, I need to organize my garage. Anyone can think that. Take a day off, the thought may have worn you out. Then open the garage door and look in. A day or so later go pick up one item and one item only and discard it or put it in its proper place. Keep this practice up and eventually the garage will get organized.

Many people go years and years with messy garages. Just like many people go years and years with messy life's, not knowing where to begin. People want to improve their personal and financial well being, but they don't take any action. This is often because it seems so overwhelming, and everyone has a different idea on how to make change in our life. So I say just form one thought and then take a small tiny step. You can eat an elephant one bite at a time. This saying is so true, but I say take it back one step and just think about the possibility of eating that elephant.

So form a thought, take one tiny insignificant step towards the accomplishment of that task. Continue this process day after day. If you mess up skip a day, skip a week, just begin the process again. A penny saved is a penny earned still holds true today. One positive thought is better than nothing at all.