They Take Care of their Citizens

When you ask young children what they would do if they had $1M, one of the most common answers is that they would end world hunger. Disregarding the fact that it would take more than $1M to end world hunger, Canada retains the selflessness that we have as young children in its governance. With a moderate tax rate and model health care system that serves as a hybrid of the North American and European model, Canada's standard of living annually ranks among the world's best.

Strikes a Balance in Having Open Space and World Class Cities

Typically, when one envisions the landscape of Canada they think of miles and miles of rural woodlands. Of course, this is the appeal for many Canadians who enjoy the outdoors and find serenity in living in relative seclusion by lakes, mountains, or farmland. But in fact, statistically over 80% of Canadiens live in urban areas that include the likes of world class cities such as Montreal, Toronto, and the capital city of Ottawa. And in years past, Vancouver was voted the best city to live in on Earth. Appealing cities coupled with accessible rural areas that carry for miles when you 'want to get away,' Canada offers flexibility for its people.     


Coming as little surprise, a country that takes care of its citizens also has a brilliant education system. Featuring universities such as McGill University, the University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia, Canadian universities consistently rank among the world's finest. What makes this feat even more impressive is that, relative to the likes of the United States and European countries, the strides that Canada has made in education relative to its population size are unrivaled.


How could someone mention Canada without immediately thinking about their love for hockey? More than anything else, Canada's obsession with hockey speaks to the characteristics that are at the forefront of the Canadian lifestyle: beauty and hard work. Like the Canadian free-spiritedness, hockey is a fast, free-flowing game that has an aesthetic appeal superior to any other sport on the planet. But at the same time hockey is tough, as blue collar a sport as there is, and Canadian farmers, shipbuilders, oil drillers, and fishermen will quickly attest to the hard work in the great outdoors that has greatly contributed to Canada's success.


Above all else, Canadians are friendly. The classic hypothetical is that a Canadian will apologize to you before they've even met you. And sure you'll run into a slightly snobby Quebecois every once in a while, but in that instance that particular Canadian is just confused as to how they ended up outside France. In Quebec, for the most part, there is a perfect blend of North American and European culture that does not exist anywhere else in the world. And the other provinces are as down-to-earth as can be. Canada is a proud nation that boasts an informed and happy populace that is content with enjoying their outdoors, beer, and hockey before mettling in other countries' affairs. O Canada, the rest of the world mocks your reserved nature and unequaled politeness...but that's only because we envy you.