Trying to find a job and want to work somewhere that has a solid employment package? Consider looking at the In N Out Burger Online Job Application. They have more than just jobs in their restaurants and the benefits they offer their full time employees are competitive, they have vision, dental, life and travel insurance and medical coverage. Those interested in a part-time job, look at the job postings for a number of the 240 locations nationwide. In-N-Out starts all their new employees at $10 per hour which is higher than many of the other fast food restaurants. Other benefits for part time employees are: flexible schedules, 401k plan, paid vacations and free meals. This is the biggest shock; the average store manager makes just under $100K per year! In-N-Out says that most of their managers started as hourly employees, so they are promoting within. The key is that they are an employee-centered company which is the philosophy that the company does better if the employees are happy.

They also have a number of non-restaurant positions available as well that work at their corporate and satellite locations that support their restaurants. From job postings for project manager for their real estate department to a HVAC technician that maintain restaurant equipment, they have a few different postings. It is usually a good sign when a company doesn't have tons of postings (unless they are massively expanding) because this means there isn't huge turnover of people leaving and working somewhere else. This is generally seen as employees are happy and don't want to give up their jobs.

When filling out the online job application be sure to check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Supply all the information requested so you aren't filtered out early in the screening process. Depending on the job you are applying for they offer they may request an application. If your resume is dated than consider using a resume writing service to do an overhaul and freshen it up. Formatting styles change with resume writing and people that work in the human resources will notice if a resume is current or not simply by its appearance. The point is to put your best foot forward and get noticed by your perspective employer. There are some many people trying to win the few jobs that are out there so any edge you can get will really help.