Wow! It is that time of year once again. Everybody is breaking out their barbeque grills and getting ready for that first big cookout of the year. It is my prayer that you will remember the reason why you are able to celebrate such a wonderful holiday at this time of year. There are many reasons for you to take a few moments this Memorial Day to remember and be thankful for the ability to celebrate this great day in any manner that you so choose. This Memorial Day I hope that you will remember three of the most important reasons why we reflect on this day each and every year.

First, I hope that you will reflect back and remember all the soldiers of this great country who have and who are giving up their time and risking their lives for you and me each and every day. These service men and women are the bravest and most honorable people in the world. "Greater love hath no man than this; that a man lay down his life for his friends." (King James Version). Each and every service man and woman puts there life on the line every single day of their career, and some who have given that ultimate price and died for this country.

Next, the family and friends of the service men and women deserve the respect and remembrance of their husband or wife or daughter or son or friend who lost their life fighting for you and me. Each and every one of these people have suffered the loss of a family member or close friend, and the least that we could do is stop for just a moment and remember their loss. So, when you and your family and friends are all gathered round and enjoy this day off from work remember this.

Last, without all the brave souls that have, are, and will fight for this great nation without any regard for their very own life, and they will do all this to ensure that you and I are able to live in this country where we are free. Freedom is the most important feature of this great holiday. I say this simply because without freedom what would be so important to fight for. Our freedom has always been held high to us as ordinary citizens, so you can only imagine how high these men and women of our U.S. Armed Forces must hold it, if they are willing to die to preserve it.

After all this being said, I say again that it is my prayer that each and every one of you celebrating Memorial Day this year will, at the very least, take a moment and reflect back to remember all the service men and women presently serving and the one's in the past that have served. Also, I ask that you give thanks to the service men and women that have paid that ultimate price and gave their life for this great nation that you and I live in. So, remember that Memorial Day is not only about cookouts and socializing, because the real meaning behind it is to remember why we actually have holiday's such as this celebrate. Thank a service man or woman this Memorial Day I know they will appreciate it.

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