A previous article talked about the reasons why the field of science is on the verge of spreading its wings even wider in the following years, according to some of the most recent statistics. We also discussed the importance of two crucial fields of science in our lives, biology and chemistry, and we are now going to focus our full attention on other similar fields and try to bring them the merit they deserve. So, without any further ado…

Why do we trust physicians? Because physics is centered around the thorough study of the universe and all of its complexities, but also on the explanation of certain phenomenon such as why magnets attract themselves, how does gravity work and some more complex topics as well. All of the topics a physician is prone to study and work on are taking months or even years of careful analysis and hard work, and the end results can be translated into some remarkable breakthroughs. For instance, a couple of amazing inventions physicians are working on refer to an electronic display or device that should be used on clothes and beer cans. Our clothes could display electronic information and change color, our beer cans could show us the latest sports results; just think of the impact on costs (and on our lives) this invention would have! And this is one single example of what physicians can really do.

Why do we trust mathematicians? Because they are drowning in numbers and never-ending calculus, for our sake. Because they are really passionate about their work and they are some of the most successful and reputable businessmen. Because they can bring their contribution to the science industry and work as biological scientists or even computer engineers or psychologists. Because they can find solutions to problems no one else can solve.

Why do we trust environmental scientists? Because they are the ones who fight against pollution with real weapons, and not just empty words or strong but resultsless creeds; because they are the ones who are constantly looking for and finding amazing ways of stopping chemicals from entering our beloved environment. Because they are the ones who brought recycling to your attention and who made us perceive its importance. Because their importance in the field of environmental science will never be underestimated for many years to come.

Why do we trust computer engineers? Because they are the ones who know how to fix our computers, how to maintain our systems and how to develop new applications that can significantly improve our day to day computer tasks. Because computer scientists or computer engineers know all the theoretical fundamentals of computation and they know what to do with all their knowledge. Because they are smart and witty and are looking to give all of us a hand when we are in need. Because they are able to work on the development of artificial intelligence and smart robots that can do all sorts of useful stuff. 

All in all, if you were having any doubts before, you are now probably starting to realize the great significance of having scientists all around us.science industry