Cheap alligator belts for sale can be found online at many stores. Leather from alligators is a very sought after product to manufacturer many products including belts, wallets, purses and boots. It is a true luxury material and offered by high end quality labels. If you are looking for cheap alligator belts for sale you may have to choose a cheaper non-authentic alligator product.

Leather from alligators is very expensive and very durable which is one of the reasons it is a popular choice for leather goods and accessories. It also is very unique because each hide has a different pattern and texture. Alligator leather has a rich coloring which makes it looks very elegant. The belly leather of the alligators is more expensive then the backbone area of the alligators because the belly hide is more likely to be damaged.

As the hunting of alligators in the wild is not legal, alligator farms raise alligators for the purpose of gathering their skin for manufacturing alligator leather products.

You can search online for alligator skin belts for sale and you can also try EBay. You will find a large selection of a variety of alligator leather items available for purchase.

How Are Alligator Accessories Made?

Alligator leather is processed pretty much like any other animal skin leather. The skin is salted while the meat is processed and the skin is detached. It is then soaked in water to remove excess fats along with any dirt, blood, and salt. All pieces of alligator flesh are removed from the hide. Hairs are removed and the hide is place in acid to prepare for the tanning process.

Vegetable or natural tanning will produce stiff but flexible leathers that are suited for cheap alligator belts for sale. The compound used for tanning contains tannin which comes from bark, leaves, wood and fruit of chestnut, Oakwood trees, and hemlock trees. Mineral tanning results in softer alligator leather such as what is used for gloves, boots, or purses.

After tanning, leather from alligators then goes through three different processes including dying to add color, rolling which makes it stronger and finishing which is the application of chemical compound to the leather grain.

Cheap Alligator Belts For Sale –Real or Fake?

A large selection of alligator belts for men and women can be found online but remember that the products may not always be genuine alligator. There are some ways to help you determine if the cheap alligator belts for sale are real or fake.

Real alligator product feels leathery and has a definite smell though it may be faint. The leather is noticeably thicker and does not feel like plastic or vinyl which is often the case for fake leather. The finish of real gator is not shiny while the fake alligator may have an artificial shine to it.

You can also tell real alligator leather by soaking it in water for a little bit. If an odor is apparent then the leather is most likely authentic. Also a belt made of genuine alligator leather will be a lot more expensive than cheap alligator belts for sale you may find.  Real alligator skin is really durable and is a factor in the cost of the product.

Additionally alligator leather can also be identified by an “umbilical scar” which is an elongated star shape within the scales on the belly of the alligator. It is notable because the alligator is the only animal which has it. This leather mark often displays the authenticity of an authentic alligator product.

Fake alligator patterns are created by rolling a material over an authentic piece to make a form. The fake alligator leather is missing the details and the creases are not deep and the pattern tends to be repetitive. Often the alligator pattern is embossed or stamped on leather or between the tiles are not deep and the pattern is often very repetitive.  When looking for cheap alligator belts for sale you will be able to notice slight imperfections in the pattern or maybe even scales, bumps or scars. A genuine alligator belt will definitely be able to be verified by a professional leather specialist.

Cheap alligator belts for sale may have the look of alligator but they are often made of painted or dyed plastic or vinyl. The low cost option of alligator belts do not last as long as true alligator belts either. They often tear easily. That is one of the reason they are lower in cost then real alligator belts. You can also find them for sale in your average retail store or online site.

If you are looking for a product with true luxury value that will last your best bet is to buy authentic alligator leather. If you're looking for something that resembles real alligator leather then you will want to look for cheap alligator belts for sale.