Who are we to deny the human rights of others who want nothing more than the basic needs to sustain life? Under the Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, employers and city officials are required to contact the Department of Homeland Security if there are illegal immigrants living in their city. Once contacted, the illegal immigrants are subject to possible deportation. In light of this, communities all across the nation are taking action by becoming sanctuary cities and protecting individuals in search of the American Dream. These individuals are able to flourish in the city without ever being asked about their immigration status; my hometown, Eagle Pass, is one of these communities.

Because Eagle Pass is located along the border between Mexico and the United States, the majority of the members of the community agree with the sanctuary city ordinance. When people from Eagle Pass travel across the border to visit their relatives, they realize how difficult it is for the common person to earn a decent living, even if they have a job. It is from this realization that people agree with the justification of sanctuary cities. They understand that the man who does not have a home only wants the best for himself and his family. The only way he will reach his dream is by crossing the border and allowing his children the opportunity of an education, a decent job and having the money for a home with the basic utilities to make civilized life possible.

There are others, however, that disagree with this sanctuary city policy. By allowing the existence of sanctuary cities in our nation, we become vulnerable to increased acts of crime, terrorism, and the possibility of anarchy. They agree that the common illegal immigrant wants nothing more but a better life, but it only takes one person to create an event of disaster. If we allow sanctuary cities to take the law into their own hands, then the next time another unfavorable law is passed, it will become much easier for them to say no and disobey that law, causing a slippery slope case, and eventually leading to total anarchy within that community.

The existence of sanctuary policy in my hometown shows that the community cares about others and they will stand up for what they believe is moral and just. I agree with the sanctuary policy Eagle Pass has set forth. They came here in search of an opportunity to make the best of their lives. We have no right to deny the human rights of others who want nothing more than the basic needs to sustain life.