Coupons are those tokens that stores owners present to their customers (or people they want to be their customers), with a promise to the customers and prospective customers that upon presenting the tokens the next time they come shopping at their stores, they would be entitled to the various 'discounts' inherent in the coupons. The coupons typically take the form of paper tokens (certificates or tickets) in the traditional brick and mortar stores, and alphabetical or numeric codes in the case of online stores.

Whether you are one of business owners giving out the coupons, or one of customers receiving the coupons, either way, you stand a good chance of making major savings through them.

In case you are customer - and you make a habit of aggressively shopping for coupons (especially online, where that is quite easy), you can find yourself saving considerable sums of money through the discounts that you would be getting in that way. Looked at individually, the discount you stand to get through the use of a single coupon can seem to small to pursue. Cumulatively though, if you were to take advantage of all coupons available to you (in stores selling the various things you usually buy), you could find yourself saving as much as 10% of your usual costs - money that you can then proceed to invest strategically, and grow a lot of wealth from in the long run.

If on the other hand you are a business owner, disillusioned with the huge sums of money you are 'wasting' on unfocussed advertising (like broadcasting, where you end up spending money on prospects who would never buy what you deal in, even if their lives depended on it), you have in coupons a more focused business promotion method. Through the coupons, you can lure new customers into your business, while also rewarding your pre-existent customers for their loyalty to your business. To get new customers into your business through the coupons, all you would have to do is to develop a coupons program, let it be known that you are running such a program - and then prepare yourself for the frenzy (provided it is reasonably attractive discounts you would be offering), as people scramble to take advantage of the 'freebies' so offered, with some (if well treated) being converted into your long term customers. Here, you would have saved yourself money that would have probably otherwise gone into unfocussed broadcast promotion with un-guaranteed results.