Pizza From DebonairsCredit: Taken from Debonairs website for promotion of their restaurant.With over 300 stores, Debonairs is hailed as Africa's leading pizza restaurant.  You will find a store in almost every corner of South Africa.  Founded in 1991 by university students, it has since been incorporated into the Famous Brands group of companies.  The company continues to evolve both its product and consumer offerings, so it is not hard to see why they win many industry awards year after year.  

Free delivery from most stores, great prices and the range of pizza sizes are just the tip of the iceberg.  Here are half a dozen reasons you should order your next pizza from Debonairs.

Debonairs Offers Easy Online OrderingPop-Itz at DebonairsCredit: Taken from Debonairs website for promotion of their restaurant.

Whether you have a funny street name, you are out of minutes on your cell phone or you are just too hungry to be polite to people, there are several reasons to just order online.  But those are just the beginning, Debonairs allows you to customise your order;adding olives to your pizza and taking off the garlic.  You can check the change in price every time you swap out toppings which always helps if you are determined to get your meal into the cash you have in your wallet.

Just point your browser at  Signing up takes all of three minutes to do, and you can add different addresses, such as home and work.  The online system will save your past orders so you can remember what your picky seven-year old needed last time.  You can choose to collect your order from the store or have it delivered.  This is a bonus if you want to quickly place the order before leaving the office and pick it up on your way home.  After you have placed your order, you will get an SMS to let you know that your order has been received at the store.

Debonairs Offers the First Fast Food App in South Africa

This is a must try for anyone with a Smart Phone in South Africa.  And it isn't just for the iPhone crowd.  Just type in to you phone's browser.  Don't forget to bookmark it before you get too far involved, because you will definitely want to use this again.

The app will ask permission to find your phone's location and after you allow it to, Debonairs will tell you which is your nearest branch.  From there you can sign up or log in.  Guess what?  If you have registered online already, it will link the two.  You can place an order off the menu or you can choose to look at the specials on offer.  All of the online functionalities are there, so you can use your phone just as you would your computer, without having to talk to anyone at all.

Debonairs Combo Meals and Promotions Are Real Value

The Real Deal Pizza Meal give you a choice of nine different personal-sized pizzas (19cm).  This with a 500 ml Coke will cost you just over R30, regardless of whether it is lunch or dinner.  You can order just that and nothing else.  Debonairs doesn't enforce a wildly high minimum order for delivery and if you are within 5km of the store, they aren't going to charge you a delivery fee.

The Family Meal Deal is just that.  Two large pizzas and a 2l Coke is around R130.  The large pizzas are enough to feed four people easily, more if your children are younger.  So it is possible that you will have leftovers for work the next day, or breakfast if you are so inclined.

In addition, there is a promotions page online with the latest specials.  Clicking on one will give you an option to add it straight to your order.  These are updated every time there is a new product offering, so you may find yourself having plenty of Debonairs.

Crammed Crust, What the Cluck and Pop-ItzWhat the Cluck Pizza at DebonairsCredit: Taken from Debonairs website for promotion of their restaurant.

It has been asked over and over and it seems Debonairs may have found the answer.  What is the crust for?  Well, according to this pizza franchise, the crust could just be the best part of the pizza.  The Crammed Crust Pizza has a pork cheese griller wrapped up into the edge of the crust, so you can have a hot dog at the end of every slice.  The What the Cluck has a chicken cheese griller pocketed into the crust so you can dip your hotdog in to a communal sauce bowl with out your friend's having to watch your double dipping.  And Pop-Itz are cross between pizza and mini pies, for when you think the crust is the best part.  Sold as a side order for under R20, add some on to your next order.  You won't regret it.

Hot and Fresh Quality Promise

When your pizza arrives (and if you have ordered it online you will have a pretty good idea of when to expect it) Debonairs pizza boxes have a special seal on them which will show you whether your pizzas are hot or not.  Your smartly dressed pizza delivery guy will confirm with you that you have seen the red sticker on each box and will even wait at the door for you to call through to the branch if they have already turned black.  If the seal is black, your pizza is free.  Don't expect it though, Debonairs knows what they are doing.

Debonairs' Customer Service Is Real

If for some reason you do have an issue with your pizza, they will fix it.  If you ordered one without cheese and it came with cheese on, they will send another pizza through straight away.  Whatever the problem is your branch will sort it out without waiting for the manager to call you or having to wait on hold for customer service.  Whether it is a replacement pizza or a credit for the next time, customer service means something to this company.  In fact the only reason to call customer service may be to ask when they are going to add pasta to their menu.

Crammed Crust Pizza at DebonairsCredit: Taken from Debonairs website for promotion of their restaurant.To find your nearest Debonairs, check out their website (, login to your phone app or call their customer service on 0861 D PIZZA.  

And if your parents control your dinner options, might I suggest printing out a copy of this article and sticking it on your fridge?  Believe it or not, but your parents might fall for it.  Post a comment here if you have tried and it works.