Nikola Tesla was Yugoslavian inventor, mechanical and electrical engineer living in nineteenth and twentieth century. Although he seems to be forgotten nowadays (as he was completely removed from school textbooks, he was one of the most influential people of last few hundred years in technology area. He contributed to development of large part of technologies that we use in our everyday lives today.

Good example of how he is forgotten is the simple fact that Gulielmo Marconi is still recognized as radio inventor by most of people. The truth is that Tesla was first to fill the patent. Although Marconi was more go-ahead person he managed to promote himself as inventor. Only as late as in 1943 the Supreme Court of United States overturned Marconi's patent in favor of Tesla.

Tesla was highly interested in finding energy sources that would power all human race. His interest started early in the childhood when he got an idea of capturing waterfalls energy and using it to supply peoples hoses. That idea came to life in 1896 when after 5 years of struggling he managed to run water powerhouse next to Niagara Waterfalls. Energy from it came to Buffalo city. That was huge success, as idea was highly innovative that times.

That was yet just the beginning. He also worked on a project of big solar panel that would be made in form of special a antenna that was going to collect and distribute energy of the sun. But his biggest project on energy searches was connected with drawing power from inside the Earth. He was going to pump electric power inside the Earth and change it's inner state. Then, he thought it would be accessible for everyone to get it back from any place in the world. It was going to be completely free, and accessible in huge, close to infinite amounts. Everybody would have aces to it with use of handy, pocket device. Electricity was supposed to be sent wireless through worldwide net of special power stations, and supply households and around the world. He started realizing this project in 1901, by building Wardenclyffe -huge powerhouse system with tower. Unfortunately he wasn't able to complete it due to further credits refusal. That way this potentially revolutionary invention was lost for humanity.

When Tesla died in 1943, he left 1200 patents. Apart from that, there were probably hundreds of ideas that haven't even been written down, and we've lost them. Immediately after his death his documents were confiscated by USA government and labeled as "top secret". We can not even try guessing how our civilization would look like if he would have a chance to realize all of them.