Post-installation is far too late to ask the following questions about your new boiler.  When boiler shopping, be sure to take this list of questions with you and be sure that each is answered adequately before making a purchase.  A boiler is a major household expense and its purchase should be made with great care and consideration.  These questions are designed to help you make the best possible choice for both your home and your budget.


What size boiler do I need to efficiently heat my square footage?

Know the measurements of your home when going to shop for a new boiler.  Be sure to look at various brands and models in your size range before making a decision and understand each of their features.


What Boilers Fit My Needs and Price Range?

Be sure to consider many makes and models in your price range before making a final selection.  Discuss your choice with your service technician if you have one and be sure to read many reviews to help you narrow down an optimum choice. Idealy you want a boiler that is the perfect price and of course will heat your home effectively in any weather.


Can You Describe the Ins and Outs of the Energy Efficiency Features?

When considering a model, discuss its energy efficiency features.  Ask if the features are upgrades to old systems or entirely new technological features.  Be sure to read reviews regarding these features to make sure that operate as the manufacturer suggests.


How Will Your New Model Compare to Your Old One?

Ideally, a new boiler will be far more efficient that your old one, but be sure you understand its operation needs up front.  They may necessarily be different from your old model, so you must be sure you understand how to operate it. 


How Long Will it Last?

While there are many variables surrounding the life expectancy of any new boiler including maintenance regimens, cleaning, and acts of nature, you should be able to get a ballpark figure from your boiler representative regarding its longevity under optimum circumstances.  This is also a great time to discuss the warranty regarding your boiler of choice. 


Does This New Boiler Involve Changes to Other Household Features?

A good representative should certainly be able to discuss whether you will need changes to ductwork or radiators before you purchase your new boiler.  Still, it’s best to ask up front if a boiler warrants such changes to your current central heating design.


What Are the Maintenance Considerations for Your New Boiler?

Many central heating boilers unique characteristics so all s will need a unique care and maintenance plan.  Understand how frequent your new boiler should be serviced as well as which features should be regularly checked. Also consider that you may want to include boiler insurance as part of your care plan - and factor in the additional costs. 


Remember, a new boiler is a long-term investment.  Take time to understand the features of the makes and models in your price range so you can make an educated selection.  Know all costs up front and be sure to know the ins and outs of the new boiler’s warranty.  Once your new boiler is installed, set up a maintenance routine and enjoy your cozy and efficiently-heated home knowing you made the best possible decision!