It's time again to enter the world of Pandora and get dirty and bloody for your prize. For those of you that remember the first Borderlands, you'll remember Pandora as a desolate desert planet comprised of savage beasts and violent men.

In Borderlands 2, it's still filled with savage beasts and violent men, but the world of Pandora feels so much less lonely than it did before. There's less desert too! The planet has become even more chock full of...insane and crass killers that help you see vengeance and get loot.

As in the first Borderlands, you start out as vault hunters working for a devilishly handsome and witty man named appropriately as Handsome Jack. However, things soon turn sour between you and him as he tries to assassinate and blow you up. This leads you through a series of trials and sidequests on your way to overthrow the violent Handsome Jack.

The story in Borderlands 2 is not the most enthralling story ever written. Some guy wrongs you. You go kill him. Not the greatest story, but it's straight forward and entertaining, which is really the theme of Borderlands 2.

Besides, you're not here for the story, you're here for the epic loot.

What really makes the Borderlands 2 world shine is the massive amount of witty, crazy, and sometimes gross characters you'll run across. Unlike in the first Borderlands the townspeople don't just mull around not talking to you, they'll actually stop and have something to say. It makes the world feel a lot less lonely than the first Borderlands where the Catch-a-Ride machine seemed like your only friend.

Like the first Borderlands, you can also bring along three of your friends in Co-op and the more friends you have, the tougher the creatures get and the better the loot gets! The only quam with this is that if you play split screen, you only get to enjoy half of Pandora, because you can really only see half your screen at a time. It's really frustrating when you are talking to a quest giver and you can only see half the quest.

So long story short, if you're going to co-op, have two televisions (or three or four).

The characters you have to choose from are different than in the first Borderlands, but not by much. You still have the handsome man, the strong man, the stealthy man, and the psychic woman.



There's Axton, the pretty much generic looking soldier boy. He can summon turrets that can be upgraded to shoot rockets or form shields. He's an excellent all around class for players that don't want to mess around, they just want to shoot stuff. Hard. In the face.



The Salvador, the big beefy gunzerker. What is this gunzerker that's been making everyone go gunzerk over? Well, when one goes gunzerk, they break out two guns and just...destroy...everything.



Maya is the siren of the group and has the ability to phaselock enemies. Which essentially means dangle them over your heads. This may not sound quite so awesome but eventually her phaselocking can revive downed party members, which believe you me, is a godsend.



Finally, there is Zero who is the stealthy one. If you plan on playing by yourself, he may not be a wise choice, his deception that spawns a decoy so that he can cut his enemies in the back works well when in a group, but by yourself you may want to try his sniper build.

Everything is just so well improved on in this game that it's hard to really hate it, but it can be frustrating at times. By default the controller is far too sensitive to aim accurately and the enemies are just so darn fast! Seriously, stop doing flips and shit while I'm trying to hit you!

If you've been playing other shooters, this game will take awhile to adjust to, but once you do it's hours of fun and loot. Borderlands 2 has a crazy amount of enemies, each with their own set of challenges to overcome, hopefully not all of them do flips while you are trying to shoot them. It's definitely worth checking out.

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