Six Keys To Help You Master Inbound Marketing Strategies



In an ideal world, there would be an inbound marketing university that would unlock the secrets of regularly and reliably generating a vast number of qualified visitors to a website. That particular goal is laudable and will reap rich rewards for the first person to achieve it. The goal in this article is far more modest and simply aims to help the reader to master the basics of inbound marketing.


The Real Secret - There are No Secrets

The secret to success with inbound marketing does not lie in some subtle understanding of the inner workings of search engine optimizations nor in some advanced understanding of the behind-the-scenes, technological workings of server farms and internet protocols.

Instead, a decent respect for the motivations of human beings will well serve the inbound marketer.  In fact, all the traditional motivators hold sway in the online world. Here are half a dozen, solid ways that you can improve the marketability of your website and, in turn, your product or service:


Understand the Strengths of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketers would have you believe that inbound marketing is suitable for any and all products or services. This fact is simply not true. In bound marketing is NOT suitable for every product.

Products that require considerable thought before purchase, a steep learning curve or significant capital investment are the best candidates for inbound marketing. The benefits of these types of products or services are best laid out over time and in a series of articles or blogs. There is simply no good way to rush this process of education and, as such, inbound marketing can be the crucial difference, the tiebreaker, in selling these types of products.


Become a Trusted Source

Regular, informative updates to your website are essential for demonstrating your expertise on a subject and will create an ever widening audience for your insights and products.  Furthermore, as new developments affect your specialty, your audience will consider you the “go to” person for information on the latest developments.

Information updates do not have to be long-winded nor particularly in-depth. The updates must, however, demonstrate an understanding of the latest developments in the area of interest. Bit should be obvious that those in the market for a particular product or service are looking for the “latest and greatest.” In short, providing outdated information ids the fastest way to be dismissed as irrelevant.


Develop a Blog to Complement Your Website

It is a fundamental truth that blogs drive more traffic to websites. Their interactive nature engage potential customers and specifically address their interests and concerns. Websites with blogs not only receive more traffic than ones without but the traffic is far more focused and likely to convert to a sale.

Secondly, a blog serves as a sounding board for your thoughts and there will be negative comments. These criticisms should not be taken lightly as they are an excellent opportunity to reevaluate and reform your opinions and recommendations. Education is an ongoing process and there is no use in ignoring pertinent comments. Treat these informative comments as your own inbound marketing university.


Utilize Email to Continually Touch Existing Customers

Any savvy marketer will tell you that developing a repeat customer is far easier than creating new ones. Inbound marketing efforts should capture this potential opportunity by providing reasons for existing customers to visit the website or otherwise contact the company. Providing free demos, proprietary white papers or other otherwise unavailable information is an ideal way to promote your company to existing customers.

While spam is certainly considered intrusive. Information from a valued and trusted source is not immediately dismissed. It’s true that email may not catch the customer at the right time in the “buy” cycle but it never hurts to remind a current customer of your capabilities.


Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

With the last thought in mind, inbound marketing campaigns can be readily customized to target customers at different times in the “buy” cycle. Shoppers in the early stages of the cycle are probably just looking for information. Providing them with several reliable sources can bolster your image as a fair and impartial expert. Similarly, if customers are ready to “pull the trigger,” the best course of action is to deliver them directly to the purchase page.

Inbound marketing should not be not a scattershot approach. That strategy diminishes credibility. Instead, an analysis of visitors to the website, especially the viewings of your current clients, should yield valuable insights into their impending business needs. simply put, it is imperative that you examine, evaluate and understand why your visitors are landing on certain pages. If you do it right, there is no stronger sales pitch then to go to a meeting having anticipated your clients needs.


Analyze Customer Statistics

All customers behave in certain, predictable ways. Analyzing how your customers interact with your online marketing efforts will allow you to better focus your own marketing efforts. Building specific landing pages and delivering individualized offers are two simple ways of maximizing the information derived from inbound marketing efforts.

It may sound trite, but it is not only necessary to work hard, you have to work smart. There are companies, hugely successful ones, that devote entire departments to developing the information obtained by inbound marketing. You don’t need a degree from an inbound marketing university to understand the importance of this information.

Instead, a  simple examination of the facts will reveal the truth. Most companies spend inordinate amounts of time and energy developing traffic for their website; that is, they engage in successful inbound marketing. They fail when they do not capitalize by converting those leads to sales and when they do not further refine their efforts with the information contained in the visits.


Inbound Marketing University Unbound

All marketing efforts revolve around an understanding of the customer. Understand why they are visiting your sight in the first place and you can gear your inbound marketing efforts to capitalization on that information. Then, repeat the process with the customers who convert and you will have an undeniably successful inbound marketing campaign and have graduated, summa cum laude, from the University of Inbound Marketing.