Last minute shopping is one of the things that people try hard not to do but always end up doing. Running out of groceries is almost inevitable during the holidays, so, people tend to dash into grocery stores to pick out the things they need.

In doing so, however, some of these customers leave the store injured because of slip-and-fall accidents.

These accidents are usually caused by spilled liquid or path obstructions that should have been removed by the owner long before someone was injured.

Aside from these accidents inside the stores, slip and fall accidents can also occur in private homes where get-togethers of friends and family reunions are held. Home owners should observe these precautions so as to prevent accidents which they can be held accountable for:

  • Put mats or carpets on smooth, tiled floorings to prevent accidents
  • Immediately mop or clean spilled liquid before someone slips because of it
  • Make sure that the house is free from any obstructions that can trip visiting loved ones
  • Secure steps or ladders that will be used by guests

A lot of accidents can endanger the safety of a guest. Electrocution and fire accidents are some of the common occurrence which results from negligence.

Make sure that appliances and decorative lights are not overused so as to prevent overheating. Also, use heavy duty extension cords when placing Christmas lights outside the house. It would also be wise to check electric equipments before plugging them to avoid any accident.

Compensation for slip-and-falls

Victims of these accidents are likely to sustain broken bones, lacerations, and other injuries that would require extensive treatments and long process of rehabilitation. If proven guilty of negligence, these owners will have to compensate the victim of a slip and fall accident.

The compensation paid for by the liable party usually includes:

  • Medical bills and treatments needed to rehabilitate the broken bones or other injuries sustained by the victim.
  • Repairs of damaged property such as a broken cellphone that resulted from a fall accident can also be included in the compensation to be sought by the victim
  • The pain suffered by the victim because of the injuries he sustained in the accident
  • The victim's lost wages because of his inability to work

A good Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can certainly help victims recover the rightful compensation they deserve for the ordeal they went through during the festivities.